Healthy Zucchini Brownie { Brownie Quest }

zucchini brownie

Remember my brownie quest? I am close…
Well I bet you can always find another interesting recipe but this one is yummy. I’ve read lately quite a few recipes with banana, avocado or zucchini in them and always wondered how they taste. So when my cousin threw her birthday party I had an excuse to try out something new. I used this recipe.

I am a dough eater! I just love going into the bowl and scraping and licking every tiny bit of dough out of it. Back when I was a kid my mom used to give me the bowl and it was the best part of backing. Nothing really changed except now I can dip my spoon into the dough before. Gotta see if all ingredients are in there, right?

zucchini brownieSo when I tasted this dough I wasn’t really euphoric. You could clearly taste the zucchini. Duh… But it tasted a bit too healthy. I mean come on it’s a brownie! So I was really surprised when I had the first bite of the baked brownie.

And let me tell ya: I just loved it. So soft and moist. And so chocolaty. It’s a really good combination… And then the fudge frosting…. ohhhh my gooooodness. Yum. I could have eaten the entire batch. Without cake.

zucchini brownie

So I will definitely make this one again. Maybe throw in some coconut or make a winter version with nutmeg and cinnamon. Or a spring version with raspberries, or….. You see where I am going with this?! Oh well I keep on dreaming of this brownie. Because there is none left. Nowhere. How sad…

Cheers, Tobia

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