Household Chores – an Attempt at a Scheduling Plan

I am not a huge fan of housework. I can come up with many ideas what I’d rather do. Even sitting and looking out of the window sounds more fascinating than swinging a feather duster. However I have to admit that I also don’t like to living in a pig stall so I have to suck it up and get to work. For a while we had some cleaning support. It didn’t work out as I was not willing to pay for services I am not satisfied with and prices were constantly raised. Every once in a while though I hire someone because we have too much on our schedule or I just want to treat myself.

For quite some time now I was wondering if a scheduled plan will help. Here is my attempt in gathering all the household chores in one place. Also I have included all the things that easily get forgotten in every day hassle.

household chores cleaning schedule


  • Wipe kitchen counters and unload dishwasher while making coffee
  • Start dishwasher at night
  • spent 15 minutes to clean up clutter throughout apartment to make it look tidy (fold blankets on couch, put away mail, etc.)


  • Mondays: vacuum floors (or let little robot do it) & water plants
  • During phone calls: dust, fold laundry
  • Fridays: clean bathroom & wash all towels, deep clean kitchen, clean all mirrors and glass doors


  • 1st: Decalcify the water filter & electric kettle
  • 15th: change bedsheets
  • mop floors


  • Feb/May/Aug/Nov Cleaning program for washing machine
  • Feb/May/Aug/Nov Cleaning program for dish washer


  • Wash bedding when changing winter/summer bedding
  • Apr/Oct clean windows


  • January: clean kitchen cupboards
  • November: Vacuum the couch

Now I just have to find the energy to implement it. And I probably forgot about a dozen important things – or maybe it’s a work in progress. Please share what and how often you do things. I could really use some insights on how to do it the “right way” and also sent all the motivation please.

Happy housewifeing,


4 thoughts on “Household Chores – an Attempt at a Scheduling Plan

  1. I”m terrible at keeping up with the deeper cleaning stuff. Also, having my husband gone for the month shows me how much of the cleaning I count on him doing. He’s normally the vacuumer and he’s much better at putting laundry away than I am. We have decided that once I’m out of school and back to work that we’ll hire someone to come in once a month or so for some deep cleaning. For right now though, we’ve asked for a Roomba for Christmas and we’re so excited for it. I plan to do some deep cleaning of the house once I’m on my semester break, but that’s about all I have planned right now. Otherwise I feel like I’m doing good to get the laundry done.

    1. I hear you! And laundry is such a never-ending task. A roomba is such a treat. Might not catch every dusty spot but it helps so so much. Hope you get one.

  2. That’s a great list. Some things, I don’t have to write down, I never forget them… but there are others that I just don’t EVER think about .Maybe I should keep your list handy :) Thanks for putting it together.

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