Happiness Review #26 & Coffeeshares

Good Morning you all,

hope your week was a wonderful one. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and sit down a while and let’s have a chat.

Advents Calender

My weeks been busy however I didn’t get any work done that brings money in. I guess it’s ok for now but I need to get going double next week. I had to catch up on my Christmas crafting for the advents calendar I participate in. Man some things didn’t work out quite how I wanted so I spent lots of time getting it done in time. The perfectionist in me is not hundred percent satisfied but more was just not possible. Now that I am done with this project I am thinking about participating in Julias a Secret Santa #StadtLandWichteln2018.

Advents Wreath

I have been collecting ideas for this years advents wreath. I usually make two wreath a year – one I am gifting my mother. It’s our little tradition. I get an advent calendar, she gets a wreath. Hers will be brown/golden this year with a nature base. I have that one pretty much figured out. I am not so sure about mine though. I have another interesting idea for a wreath made of recycled packaging waste however I am not sure if I will actually like it. But I still want to try out the idea. I guess I have enough fall backs if it looks ugly as hell. In case you also need inspiration I gathered a list of advent wreath inspiration of the last years.

advent wreath muffin liner

Cleaning Extravaganza

Inspired by my previous post I had a motivational push to get the apartment deep cleaned. So I spent the entire day yesterday doing everything – hence the missed post yesterday because I just couldn’t lift a finger at midnight. Now I am having lots of aches but a wonderful shiny apartment. I even managed to clean chunks of my craft room so I could vacuum there. Rarely ever happens because it’s so packed with projects laying everywhere.

Lunch Meetings

Also I had two fun lunch meetings with sister and neighbour this week. My sister and I met at this deli close to her work. The food was really nice, the location beautiful but it was so good to catch up with her. Haven’t seen her in a while. She also told me a story about something that really shook me. Sometimes crime is closer than we think. So please take care you all. And yesterday during my Feather-Dusting- Dance I took a break to have lunch with my neighbour and her new born. It was nice catching up. Now the is staying at home for a while we see each other every other week or so to take a walk in the park or have lunch together. I guess lunch breaks could be worth.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life ceiling details

Weekend Plans

As for the weekend ahead. I’ll be spending tonight with my sister at “Santas Workshop” to pack up gifts for “Christmas in a shoe box“. I am excited about that. I’ll share my experience with you tomorrow if you like so stop by. On another note I will probably have to write a few blog posts or at least take the pictures so I can make them happen. Because you guys it’s getting dark early and I don’t want to post without photos.

Now let me know what you have been up to. I’ll head over to LecyEclectic Alli and Denise to catch up now. Maybe I see you there.

Happy weekend,



Disclaimer: This post contains links to other Blogs. Due to current (German) law this needs to be labelled advertising. Furthermore I have linked a few of my older articles because I believe you might enjoy them. 

12 thoughts on “Happiness Review #26 & Coffeeshares

  1. You are really in Christmas preparation mode :) For several years I actually went to your country, to Munchen to be more exact, around this time of the year. I love the Christmas market there, and the streets when they are decorated.

    We’re preparing for the food feast of the year right now. Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I don’t have any family here, but people are surely thinking of others (maybe especially during this holiday,) and I’ve been invited to four different Thanksgiving celebrations. It would be impossible to attend them all, but it warms my heart that people are so kind. Right after Thanksgiving, I will start thinking about Christmas. I mean, that’s not entirely true, I already know sort of. I think. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Maria. How great that you got four invites. Thanksgiving is wonderful and every year I want to host a dinner but don’t manage to. Christmas markets will open one week from now.

  2. I apparently never fully read the law thingers about what cookies changed but did not realize links were ‘advertising’ thanks for the heads up… I must read now.
    I love that advent wreath, its so festive. I have kind of forgotten about those now that I am actively not in church, again.
    Brittany Olson recently posted…Coffee Date… 13My Profile

    1. Oh this is specific for German law as we tend to be overly correct. All other countries are a bit more relaxed about it. Thank y for liking my wreath.

  3. I love advent calendars and I’m really interested in the idea of an advent wreath. I might need to give that a try! Hooray for lunch dates with your sister. I used to see my sister every day and then she moved to the next town over and I don’t see her as much now. This makes me miss her and want to have lunch with her soon. I am so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month, Tobia! Hope to see you next month!
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…A Creative Approach to Your Quiet Time | Ellie Claire Art JournalsMy Profile

    1. Hey Lecy, Thank you so much for stopping by. I could not live without my advent wreath. It’s my thing. You should try it, its fun lighting a candle for every Sunday in Advent. A calming thing in the hectic of pre-Christmas preparations. I will stop by for coffee next month.

  4. Love this time of year when I can get the advent calendar and wreath out! I also have a lovely nativity scene that I’ve been using for the last few years :)

  5. I can’t wait to get out the advent wreath… and I am totally jealous of your lunch date with your sister. I wish I could just get together with my sister for lunch sometimes.

    1. Yeah I shouldn’t complain but I feel like we hardly see each other for living in the same town. My other sister I only see 3-4 times a year though. However can not imagine how you must feel. Yeah for advent!

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