January Reflections and February Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

I decided I will introduce yet another new blog post series to this blog. The January reflections and February intentions will kick off those “Reflections & Intentions” posts. Back in 2015 I shared my monthly resolutions that were mini milestones towards my yearly goals. I felt like that year I have gotten quite a bit done and maybe that will give me a bit more structure for the upcoming year. Because let’s be honest here we will continue to spend a lot of time at home and not roam as freely as before.

But before I dive into that here is my favorite quote this month.

At night our fear is strong, but in the morning, in the light, we find our courage again.

Malala Yousafzai

JANUARY Reflections

Reflecting on my set intentions.

As I didn’t really set out with a list of goals and intentions for January I can’t really report much. I did a lot of work towards my yearly intentions but I filed them all under my word of the year.

My January was more about finding my footing. To get back into the routine of work. The routine of working from home. The routine of staying in. The acceptance of not being able to do things we usually do in January or February. Basically January was to survive and stay mentally healthy.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE?

My plan is to be more conscious on how my word is working for me. How I incorporate it in my daily life. Here is a list of things I believe aim towards this goal:

  • I donated 10€ in a turtle nursery. Basically buying two turtle eggs which are now being protected to hatch and make it to the ocean.
  • I wrote a letter to my aunt for her birthday as well as to my dad.
  • I listened to a co-worker who was overwhelmed with life. I tried to encourage, to lift her up and give a few ideas to ease the stress and pressure. I so very well know how it can end.
  • I made that moxie sweater.
  • I breathed daily for a minute on the balcony in the morning before my first cup of coffee.
  • I started to hula hoop and I can already feel that my torso is getting in shape and I walk more upright.

FEBRUARY Intentions

For February I plan on:

  1. gracefully converting my office space into a more cozy thing.
    1. selling things on ebay
    2. looking for a reading chair
    3. throwing out one thing a day that I don’t need or know where to put
  2. on writing a letter to an elderly who might be lonely. Also sending birthday wishes to family and friends.
  3. continue my hula hoop practice.
  4. continue to breath daily before having coffee.
  5. giving myself grace by not limiting my coffee intake.
  6. working on my #100daysofcraftaliciouslinearart project.

This is my plan for February. Lets’s see how that will go.

Happy Frebruary


2 thoughts on “January Reflections and February Intentions

  1. I am glad to hear that you continue to breathe daily… wouldn’t want you to stop breathing ;)

    I love that you started to hula-hoop! That is awesome. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager.

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