Corona Diaries – Month 11

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New year same pandemic. We are close to the one year mark and when Covid19 first appeared here in Germany and gotten seriously. Eleven months into the pandemic. Can you believe it? I am not sure how I feel about it. It seems like yesterday when I was glued to the news hearing about a new mystery disease no one knew anything about. And on the other hand I feel like we lived through a hundred and ten years in the last months. And then it seems like time is on a stillstand. Whatever the outcome of it all I have a way to look back with my corona diaries. Here is to month 11.

Number of days at home? Current situation.

78, 79, 80 days ? – honestly who is counting anymore… Life here is boring when you write it down: wake up, coffee, home office, sometimes walk in the park & grocery shopping, home office, dinner, couch, bed – repeat. The only escape is diving into books and the occasional chat with a neighbor who you run into at the garbage area.

How is the political situation?

Lockdown. And a stricter one on the horizon.
What can I say, many people didn’t really care much about the holidays and New Years and now two weeks later we get what was predicted in the first place. Rising numbers, rising death. This morning I learned that Covid cost 2 million people their lives already. That is the entire town of Hamburg or Portland. Vaccines are here and first people are getting vaccinated but it will take a lot of time to make it through everyone and I am on the other end here. Which is ok, if many people are getting their vaccination.

And while I am all for going into lockdown and handling it rather well I can also see that many are nit aas supportive anymore and struggle. Most likely for reasons that we need to acknowledge and find some sort of solution or relieve for. What I look at with fear though is the underwhelming propaganda some “forces” are spreading and that they fall on fertile ground. Scary.

How is the work situation?

I started this year with full time work schedule and three clients. I am lucky to have that income in times like these. And yet I feel a bit overwhelmed to not ease into the new year, to not have a strategy meeting with myself on what business goals I want to achieve. But then do I need to achieve anything? Maybe I just need to work to pay the bills this time around.

However I do think I got some clarity over the holidays in what tasks I like a bit more than others. I think I will look into honing my strength there.

How is the mood?

This morning I had to tell my dad I will not come by for his birthday in a week and it left me crying on the couch. It really is annoying living close to your parents (3 km) but not seeing each other as often and specially if you do drop of something (Christmas presents). Seeing from afar and not hugging. It is just a really bad feeling. I am hoping it’s all worth it. My fear is that I keep my distance and then someone gets seriously sick. I would forever wonder if I shouldn’t have made an exception. I guess living in the same city doesn’t take that decision from you.

Any favorite moments?

  • a lovely Christmas Eve with Mr. ♡
  • watching the first snow flakes dance in front of the window
  • finding Christmas candy in my coat pocket three weeks later
  • having a craft party with my niece and nephew through face time making paper stars
  • playing a quizz game with my sister through face time

What was the worst moment?

I guess that has to be the missing family during the Christmas break. Not only spending Christmas Eve with my parents and sister but also meeting all my cousins their spouses and kids and my aunt on Christmas Day for our annual chat. It is the only time beside the reunions in May where we are (almost) all hang out. We tried a zoom call but didn’t catch each other really as everyone was busy on the phones. And it would have not been the same.

What is stressful right now?

Getting up and going to the desk right away. I miss my morning routine of coffee and a book, then tea and a book before I turn on the computer. But those early meetings, arghh…

Any makes/DIYs this month?

Here is a list of things I did and consider creative

  • baked a few more Christmas cookies
  • wrapped presents and tried to make it extra nice
  • made myself a sweater with my word of the year
  • made paper stars
  • had a crazy afternoon with Mr. ♡ making decorations for Christmas
  • whipped up some delicious Christmas Eve dinner
  • prepared some more face mask which need to be sewn up

What’s for lunch/dinner?

More cooking, more ordering in

  • his: fish fingers | her: salmon with mashed potatoes and cucumbers
  • grilled cheese sandwiches – a lot of them
  • burgers and fries
  • omelette
  • pasta with pesto, pasta bolognese, pasta casserole
  • mashed potatoes with beef sauce
  • him: lots of pizza | her: one pizza
  • her: soups in all shapes
  • her: chicken fricassee with rice

And here was the very first of the corona diaries in 2021. How many will there be?

Take care and stay safe


4 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 11

  1. Ugh, I can’t believe we’ve been living with the coronavirus for a whole year already. I understand people are getting tired of restrictions and lockdowns (and I know more than one person who thinks it’s not working and we should just open everything up), but we could have been much farther along (IMHO), if people had and would just take(n) it seriously… I cannot believe how many people just go about their days as if rules don’t apply to them ( and then people are surprised when the measures don’t work). Sigh.
    I see this going on for quite a bit longer unfortunately.
    San recently posted…January Link ListMy Profile

    1. Oh yes it’s all a mess. People like us taking it seriously wonder why we are the only idiots trying to stay in… let’s keep each other motivated. And I agree we will be going on for much longer. I fear we are still struggling in a year…

  2. I miss my mom so much… we’d agreed to do a “pod” together, but she has been doing more things than my husband & I are comfortable with, even having a neighbor come into her home to assemble a piece of furniture, so I don’t totally trust her anymore. I just want to be able to go over to her place & stay with her & meet up & hang out without worrying about whether we’re killing one another…

    1. I know what you mean. Some part of my family is also not as strict as we are and I don’t feel comfortable meeting them right now. But it’s so sad and annoying and frustrating.

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