March Reflections and April Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Time flies when you are having fun. It also flies when you are busy with work and not much else happens. Spring is around the corner and sun rays are hitting the face. It looks like life is blooming again. Hope is emerging. But we are still in the deepest deep of a pandemic. At least here in Germany. But we are making the most of what’s possible and the March reflections and April intentions are a good way to keep focus. At least for me. And maybe you want to join in. Feel free.

But before I dive into a new list here is a quote that resonated with me this past month.

If people thought even a quarter as much as they talk, this world would be a paradise.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

MARCH Reflections

I have to admit that I had a tough time focusing. I wrote down my intensions. And I forgot about them. They were somewhere in the back of my mind but I had no real recollection of what I wanted to do this month. As you can see in the result. Maybe I was too ambitious even though knowing beforehand my plate was full.

Reflecting on my set intentions.

  • I will focus on letting people speak before I jump in with an response
    I did try again but I have come to the realization that this will be a life long task to takle. My mind keeps spinning fast and I need to get rid of my thoughts right away. I can’t remember a few seconds later. But it is not good when you want to listen to what people have to say.
  • I want to get back to a more regular hula hoop practice – even if it is only 5 minutes
    This is a big laugh. I didn’t pick up the hoop once. Well not true I moved it around the room because it was in my way. Sad.
  • I will look into ways to spread some kindness
    I deliberately tried to smile at people a few times. I chatted with the cashier more friendly.
  • I will go through my closet and get rid of 5 items I do not love.
    I forgot about and then just a few days before the month ended it came to me. I didn’t do it though but I had/have one or two items in mind that I wanted to get rid of.
  • I want to start learning Spanish again.
    I still want to. I have attempted two or three miniature conversations in Spanish with Mr. ♡ but my vocabulary only goes so far as to pathetically try to construct one sentence. I have not done one lesson in Duolingo. But I did come a cross a new motivation and it is still on the list to do.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE?

I sent four Easter letters to people I do not know. The platform Post mit Herz is connecting people with care institutions like senior residences or psychiatric wards. By simply sending a card to a person being lonely, maybe not having any relatives anymore or not being able to receive visitors ad of the pandemic. I wanted to do that every month this year and easter was a good way to catch up.

I had to be graceful with myself more often than I liked. Migraines are back again and a few days I had to admit that powering through with work and all the things on my to do list just didn’t go well. So I sneaked in a walk in the park during busy schedule or lay in bed all day trying to read and sleep. I wished I didn’t need those days but at least I can (sometimes) find the peace to take as it is.

On another note I spontaneously sent a little something to my best friend after she called me having a bad day.

APRIL Intentions

April is already 2,5 days old. But better late than never to set out on a few things to make happen and intentionally living by this month.

  • I will complete the Apple Watch challenge for this month by reaching a certain training minutes. Hopefully some will be made by hula hooping.
  • I will work on my self confidence by doing some of the exercises I have collected.
  • I will cultivate my eating habits and will eat at the table at least 5 times
  • I will pick up Spanish again.
  • I will continue my Sunday Spa days with a bath and some face masks and maybe a new homemade haircut.

After last month lesson I keep it short with five things to intentionally move forward with. Hoping next time have have more checks on the lists.

Do you have anything fun planned this month? Feel free to share.

Happy April


2 thoughts on “March Reflections and April Intentions

  1. Your word for the year is great and I’m glad you are also giving yourself some grace – sorry your migraines are back.
    I changed my way of looking at goals and now call them intentions thanks to you :)
    Good luck with your Apple Watch challenge – I’m doing the Strava challenge this month.
    Sunday spa days sound amazing – so important to practice self care.
    Hope your April is a great month.

    1. I am glad I could inspire you to a new approach on the goal setting thing. All the best with your challenge too and have a great April

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