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Wednesday night and I have just finished dinner at a reasonable time (9pm) and there is no onset of fatigue knocking me out right away. I am still alert enough to type up a blogpost about the currently in April prompts that Anne has suggested.

New furniture. We decided to swap out the living room furniture with new one. It used to be a dark ikea wood and we are done looking at it. It all looks a bit dated and we are more into whites, more light and just an overall more friendly look. So when all this 20 packages arrived we took three nights to assemble. Mr. ♡ still has a lot of re-wiring to do for all the technical equipment, new speaker system set up and all but we are getting there and I can not remember why we ever had a black-brown lowbord to begin with.

So. Much. Chocolate. Once I start I can not stop until the last piece is gone. It is ridiculous. I’d be the perfect candidate to develop an addiction. Good thing I never started smoking or any other kind of drugs. But if sugar is a drug I am guilty. And I know and at a certain point feel that I can not keep going. I am at the brink of that right now. I crave more salads more fresh fruits. Let’s hope I can develop an addiction there too. Or at least balance my two extremes.

With myself. Today I was offered a permanent position in the company I am currently working as a freelancer. And I am really not sure what to do. I have time till next Monday to give an answer. It would be a comfortable position to receive all the benefits and a stable income specially during the pandemic and the aftermath. I wouldn’t even have to move as I could do the job from Berlin and just occasionally commute to Hamburg. But then I really do love my freelance life. I feel like I have much more free time, am not as stressed out when having a migraine and just stay in bed or take long walks. I have continous new projects and clients to work on. Argh it will be a tough decision. If you have any pros/cons fir being employed vs freelancing let me know. I take all insights right now.

Reading. What’s new you think… But I am having a run right now. It is the 7th of the months and I have already finished three books. I am also enjoying the sunshine. Last weekend I was looking at the blossom but then on Monday it started snowing again. Big white flakes dancing in front of my window. It is rather cold but I love snow and while I was enjoying the first spring moments – snow is always a good idea. And we are just barely into spring so a bit of snow is not too bad. Also last weekend I enjoyed my braided easter bread. It is just the best.

To spend next week at my parents country home and working from there. I want to work a little ahead so that I may have a bit more time to actually go on a bike ride or a long walk or do some crafts in the work shop. And then I am wondering what books to take and what craft supplies. I know in the end I will again have to many ideas, not enough time or maybe I just need to sit and look out of the window enjoying a new view. I haven’t left my apartment since July 2020 when I last stayed there for a weekend. Ever since then I spend in my apartment. Even though liking to be at home I am so looking forward to a change of scenery. But I am still keeping my distance to other people. That is why I won’t spend a weekend as my parents will be there by then.

So much for my quick update. I am tried now and I’ll head to bed with a book. Have a lovely day/night wherever you are.

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11 thoughts on “Currently in April

  1. Praying that God helps you make the right decision with your job opportunity. Before I had kids, I did substitute/temp teaching and I liked the freedom. But I suppose the stability of permanent work is good too.

    I love the sound of all that white furniture – it instantly makes a place more cheerful! I hope you have a lovely time at your parents house, a change of scenery sounds great!.

    1. Thank you Bella. Yes I’ll think about it a bit more and hope to follow my own intuition.
      Will you go back to teaching when the kids are older?

  2. Oh, show us your living room sometime. I am dying to change things up around here (but all I have done is declutter and buy plants so far).

    1. Well it’s a never ending process I never have the feeling we are done. Lots of decluttering too. Moving around furniture or switching colors might give you a feeling of new.

    1. Thank you. I think I am close to a decision. And high five for reading. We are truly blessed that our hobby wasn’t taken away inn a pandemic.

  3. Hope you were able to come to a decision on the job that felt right for you! Flexibility is really great, but then so is stability, so I’m sure there’s a lot to consider. My parents have a beach home that we get to spend some quiet time at occasionally (separately from them because of Covid as well), and I always have the same problem of wanting to do ALL of the relaxing things – books, walking, maybe a craft project. It’s so delightful to have a place to escape to, but almost hard to relax when you want to make the most of it :) Hope you will enjoy though! And thanks for linking up – nice to see what you are currently up to.
    Anne recently posted…five things Friday: minimalist accessories editionMy Profile

    1. Thank you for your kind words. An escape home is wonderful and yes so many things to do. I had moments just sitting and enjoying the silence. Magic

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