Missed Chance and why it’s ok

Have you ever missed a chance because you just ran out of time?

That kinda happened to me.

My day job has been crazy – exciting crazy. And then I also went to London for a girls weekend. Lots of things have been delayed during the last couple weeks.

During those crazy days I received a package. I didn’t order anything, I didn’t expect any presents and such. So I put it on the desk to open later. When I finally managed I found a surprise… A huge supply package to make my own espadrilles sponsored by Swafing, Prymfarbenmix and Handmade Kultur.

Farbenmix Bänder

Now unfortunately the deadline was just a couple days away and a weekend of work coming up. I figured ah one day and I’ll do it, get it done, blow them away and I’ll win this cool new sewing machine and a trip to the Prym factory to have a look behind the scene…

Prym Espandrilles

Not totally over board because I tried my hand on espadrilles making last summer. And ever since have been collecting ideas and also secured some wedges soles to play around. It wasn’t that tough… I knew what I need to do, I knew where I can improve…

swafing stoffe

But what can I say: it didn’t happen.
For me the fun of making and being creative is all set with the mood. And to be honest I didn’t feel very motivated, inspired and creative on this one day I had to get it done. Actually I felt creatively drained. So I had to decide if I give up on the fun my blog is bringing me or the maybe-new-sewing machine.

This is probably not the greatest advertising for any collaborations for the future. However I hope it wasn’t the last. My blog is not my full time job. And my life is quite busy. And sometimes birthdays, laundry and appointments get in the way.

But you know what. It’s ok. I believe I will get another chance. And I will still do my espadrilles – just not enter the contest. So someone else now has a higher chance of winning. Right? Win Win for everyone.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation?! Where you really wanted to do something but just weren’t able to or when suddenly time opened up the drive was missing? How do you handle it?

Happy time managing,


6 thoughts on “Missed Chance and why it’s ok

  1. Oh, das ist aber schade. Kann aber im trubeligen Alltag vorkommen. Und Kreativität kommt eben auch nicht auf Knopfdruck. Aber ich hätte es ja nie geschafft, ein ungeöffnetes Päckchen zur Seite zu legen. Da bin ich viel zu neugierig. Liebe Grüße von Claudia

  2. ooooh, yeah – I’ve been there. And frankly, I can relate to having a crazy busy time after Blogtacular, I didn’t blog at all except for one post-conference post I manage to assemble! So I’m afraid I don’t have a whole lot of wisdom to share in this regard ;-)

    Please do post photos of your handmade espadrille when you finish them! How cool, I’m sure they will be fun.
    Elisa recently posted…Streamlining goals and holding on to new habits: my New Month’s Resolutions for July 2015My Profile

    1. It seems like after blogtacular I’ve been drowning in my everyday life chores and shenanigans. Crazy! If I ever get them done I will share.

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