New Month Resolution :: August Edition

So we are diving heads first into August. Crazy I say. But before I am all consumed with my goals and to-do’s, want-to’s and have-to’s let’s have a look how July went and what I can improve in August:

2015 goals

Contribution to goal #1

♥ lets stay honest. No candy won’t work but maybe only ice cream. More salad and less carbs. Always try again right? However I have to admit I am a bit frustrated. Weeeeell… more salad probably, less carbs not so much (damn I just love bread, potatoes, rice and pasta…) no candy *lookbehindmyback* uups
Overall I am not very happy with myself. However I started a squad challenge and I am through 2/3. I actually got up again at night when I forgot so I say I see some determination.

♥ Keep finishing my squad challenge and start a new one (sit-ups?)
♥ Candy on the weekends being good during the week

Contribution to goal #2

♥ And again, a goal I always can improve that’s hard to measure. There were good days and there were bad days.

♥ I can be better. I will be better!

Contribution to goal #3

♥ Last month goal is this months goal. Find aid because we’ll not gonna make it on our own. One lady came by this month. I liked her and would book her again. I just need to find a schedule when someone can stop by on a regular basis. But I am getting there.
♥ take those cleaned out clothes (remember February?!) to the Salvation Army. YES I did it. 3 big bags went right there. Now I only have 1 Ikea sac and a suitcase full of stuff to sell puhhh

♥ work hard on getting shit sold.
♥ how about starting to clean up/declutter 30 minutes when coming home. Ok lets stay real do that twice a week.

Contribution to goal #4

♥ We are invited for a BBQ and traditionally I am responsible for dessert. And I want to make one other recipe from my many books. I have made some cake dessert, garlic bread, corn muffins and ice cream.

♥ Two healthy dishes from my books.

Contribution to goal #5

being realistic, not gonna make it this month I made pictures of some finished products and started experimenting with some materials. 

♥ Keep going with the experimentation.

Contribution to goal #6

♥ same as June. Didn’t really read much in July as I was driving a car to work most throughout the month so my commute time wasn’t for reading.

♥ pick up the kindle and finish this one book about time travel

Contribution to goal #7

♥ write postcards when on vacay. No birthdays I know of. I wrote 3 cards from my weekend vacation at the Baltic Sea.

♥ 2 birthdays coming up, 2 cards it is!

Contribution to goal #8

♥ start reading the party bundle and implement the things I learned.  I didn’t start on the party bundle. However I invested some time in social media and looked into some plugins.

♥ Maybe start the bundle this month?

Contribution to goal #9

♥ sewing? I sewed myself a maxi dress. Unfortunately wearing it I look like a fat hippie. So not possible to wear outside of the apartment. But it’s very comfy… Just not a very flattering pattern. Bit sad.
♥ sketchnoting. I started the July challenge from TanjaI was trying but didn’t manage all days. However more sketchnoting, more drawing, more happy.

♥ Just keep going! I am creative and just having thoughts counts as creativity.

Wow, again what a long and ambitious list this is. Let’s hop over to Elisa and see what the other lovelies come up with and spread some encouragement:

2 thoughts on “New Month Resolution :: August Edition

  1. Ah, I can so relate to the piles of stuff to sell! I have the same thing, I got rid of the extra bits to donate (yay us!) but still have to tackle the “sell” pile. Good luck with your goals T, have a great month!

    xoxoxo E

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