New Month Resolution :: January Edition

Hey you all,

have you had a great start so far into the new year? Can you believe it is already 2015? I remember vividly the time when we started writing a 20 in the beginning of our years. Crazy.

Anyways, I already told you about all my big plans for 2015 in my resolution post. And I also know that it is easier to break up big goals into smaller tasks to actually accomplish something.

So here is my January List:

#1 I will loose 3 kg of my current weight! Should be easy after all the eating marathon. (contribution to goal ♥1)

#2 I will be walking parts of my commute bus ride home (it’s a 5 km stretch) at least once a week. (contribution to goal ♥1)

#3 I will declutter my closet and move only wearable (size and quality) clothes into my new wall closet. The rest will be sold or goes to charity. I might keep a box of clothes I love but don’t fit currently. If they do not fit by the end of the year they are gone. (contribution to goal ♥3)

#4 I will clean stuff in the apartment twice a week for 30 minutes right when coming home. No computer, no coffee, no TV. (contribution to goal ♥3)

#5 I will start sewing myself a purse or start knitting the hat. (contribution to goal ♥9)

#6 I will bite my tongue and not be bitchy. (contribution to goal ♥2)

new month resolution

Have you already lost your motivation? Why not join in Elisa’s round up. Every month there will be a new set of goals (in my case a contribution to the overall yearly goals). We can do it if we do it baby steps. I’m in, are you?

Happy tackling,



18 thoughts on “New Month Resolution :: January Edition

  1. I am into setting goals everyday and making lists and plan. But now with baby Luca in our lives I feel like our life has changed so much that we just need to take it one day at the time. So the only goal is to make the most of the first year with him. I tried goal number 3 on your list this year but I still have lots of clothes in my closet :)
    andreea recently posted…Happy new Year!My Profile

  2. I have made the resolution to comment more on blogs, not just like the Instagram photos. I want to appreciate the posts more.

    I like your resolutions. Not being bitchy…yes, I should have that on my list too. But sometimes…..
    Yvonne recently posted…Designing my 2015My Profile

    1. Oh I know some people just have it coming…
      Good thing to comment more on blogs. I will try to keep it up too once the crazy everyday life starts again. Good luck to you too!

  3. Losing 3kg should be fine. I know you can do this. Haha, and not be bitchy is on my imaginary list. I am trying to do better this year and behave. ;)

    1. Thank you. Right now I wonder if it’s possible as I have gained since setting the resolution… I really need to get it done though…

  4. Liebe Tobia,
    ich wünsche dir ein fantastisches neues Jahr!
    Als Tipp für Nummer drei kann ich dir zum Beispiel diesen Blog hier empfehlen:
    Sie kommt nur circa 30 Teilen pro Saison – also 3 Monate aus. Ich weiß nicht mehr wie ich darauf gestoßen bin, aber ich finde es unglaublich faszinierend und inspirierend.
    Liebe Grüße und gutes Gelingen :-)
    Kathleen recently posted…{weniger ist mehr GLÜCKLICH} Meine Erfolge im DezemberMy Profile

    1. Hey Kathleen,
      puhhh 30 Teile für 3 Monate… Davon hab ich auch schon mal gehört… Vorstellen kann ich es mir aber nicht so genau. Ich schau mir den Blog aber auf alle Fälle an.
      Liebe Grüße, Tobia

  5. haha – I can relate to the “don’t be bitchy” resolution, though I will amend it as follows “don’t be bitchy unless the person deserves it” ;-) Though I generally kill them with kindness, even when they are obnoxious ;-)

    1. Elisa, I was actually thinking about making the amendment but then decided not too. I admire people who kill with kindness. I am just to annoyed and it needs to show…

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