New Month Resolution :: October Edition

After I already said hello to fall it is about time to post my monthly goals for October. While I like my monthly goal setting I also have to admit that I am getting tired of it. I feel like I do repeat stuff (because I just don’t get it done and it’s somewhat embarrassing). On the other hand it keeps me accountable. I will finish this year strong so here is my list:

2015 goals

Contribution to goal #1

♥ finish the two challenges. Start the next one. And keep going with 60 squads, some arm and ab exercises daily. Well I kinda did finish the challenges but I did have a few days I skipped. I also stopped the squads because my knee started to hurt. I liked doing them though. I also started a new job where I am able to ride my bike to. So I actually picked  up on moving more just differently.
♥ cook more healthy stuff. Candy on weekends. Less carbs for dinner. Whatever but something! Just let me cry….

♥ Pick one challenge and get back into the routine.
♥ Ride my bike to work unless its pouring but don’t let the cold stop ya!

Contribution to goal #2

♥ always improve! Ah this one is truly the hardest.

♥ I want to listen better. And remember what was said. Please, if anyone has suggestions on little trainings or such give me a hint please.

Contribution to goal #3

♥ skip this months of selling shit. Maybe it’s been online too long. I sold something! Edit: I might donate all to the refugees currently arriving in Germany Ahhh I have it packed up but didn’t drop it off. Lame excuse I know.
♥ keep looking for a regular cleaning lady. Didn’t happen.

♥ Work on this enormous to-do list and get some stuff crossed off.
♥ get rid of the packed up clothes that already got sorted out. Don’t procrastinate!

Contribution to goal #4

♥ We really need to get back to more cooking and less ordering take out. Maybe I try to do some weekend meal planning. Didn’t really go well. It’s just so damn convenient to order.

♥ Cook more! (Not helping that I wait for delivery while typing this!)
♥ I’ve got a few recipes I would love to try. It’s time for mushroom risottos and stews and such…

Contribution to goal #5

♥ I will keep adding some more jewelry over the next days. And I have plans on doing more. So keep coming back. I did add lots of products to the shop and would love for you to visit.

♥ I have a few more products to add to the shop and ideas to realize.
♥ I want to start doing a few things for x-mas.

Contribution to goal #6

♥ Finish “Moby Dick” Naaa didn’t happen.

♥ I won’t add some book as I will not make it.
♥ But while typing this I wait for food so I can start watching a real classic I haven’t seen before – Jurassic Park. Maybe I should go to watching classics instead of reading… This it should be an easy one then…

Contribution to goal #7

♥ 2 birthdays but my immediate family so no real cards required to be sent out. My aunt however is on some rehab and all alone for the next weeks so I might cheer her up. I wrote one letter to my aunt.

no birthdays and such. I skip and get ready for Christmas cards.

Contribution to goal #8

♥ lets skip this months. and gather some energy to do lots next! I did a few scheduling this but thats it.

♥ I have big plans. I want to add a Christmas page with all my related posts.

Contribution to goal #9

♥ I have splurged on lots of new fabrics to sew myself some tops. And I really could use a few long sleeves. So I hopefully start that. And unfortunately my fall purse didn’t make it till fall and I really need new totes. I was strategically planning my patterns and fabrics and matching them all. I started one shirt and would have been done a million times but of course I had to sew the sleeves wrong three times. But I finished.

♥ projects lining up: 1 hoodie, 1 sparkling long sleeve with a different neckline, newborn baby outfits and purses and totes. Hopefully I can cross lots off next months.

Wow… as you can see I put lots on my plate this month and I really hope I didn’t overdo it. I want to get a lot done.

As always I link to Elisa. Check out the other goals.

Happy goal reaching,


6 thoughts on “New Month Resolution :: October Edition

  1. Hey girl!

    I have a tip for eating more home-cooked food: get a pressure cooker. It is so great to make soups, stews, and just about everything else (except roasted stuff, obviously.)

    Last week I wasn’t feeling well so I just did some batch cooking in my pressure cooker; that is, I cooked enough for at least two dinners. I made curry chicken, hunter’s chicken, stew… I really recommend it,! You can toss everything in after dinner and let it cook while you watch TV, blog or do your crafts, then when you get home the day after you only have to make some rice or a salad and you have dinner.

    Now I’m off to check out the new additions to your store. Have a great month!
    Elisa recently posted…Back to basics: my New Month’s Resolutions for October 2015My Profile

    1. Hey Elisa,
      thanks for the tip. We used to have one when growing up and I remember my mom loved it. However my problem is rather that hubby and I have totally different tastes and schedules and that I have hardly find anything we both eat. And I really don’t like cooking two meals and wording seems easier. But when I am alone I always cook. We actually got a steamer we haven’t tried yet. Maybe we should do that!
      Hope you liked the new store additions.
      Hope you are feeling butter after you health bump in the road.

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