News Months Resolution :: November Edition

Well this wasn’t supposed to happen… two monthly resolution posts in a row. Life took over, I am feel somewhat meeh, too many ideas, too many energy suckers in life, a dull job… in short I am in a funk. But today I woke up thinking “I wanna write a blog post.” So here we go:

2015 goals

Contribution to goal #1

♥ Pick one challenge and get back into the routine. Didn’t happen.
♥ Ride my bike to work unless its pouring but don’t let the cold stop ya! My bike broke two weeks after buying and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. But I walked the way home once and was totally worn out. Tells me one thing.

I’ve gotten a reminder about this challenge. It wasn’t to loose weight! It was about feeling healthy. I need to keep this in mind.
♥ My back hurts bad daily right after waking up. I need to find something to get rid of it. A new pillow or some stretching exercise or something.
♥ Make 10.000 Steps at least 2 times this month. I love the air and it makes me instantly happy to be outside.

Contribution to goal #2

♥ I want to listen better. And remember what was said. Please, if anyone has suggestions on little trainings or such give me a hint please. I really don’t know if I was successful here.

♥ Don’t snap back immediately, take a breath, think, answer.

Contribution to goal #3

♥ Work on this enormous to-do list and get some stuff crossed off. Well I have no clue what was on the list when I wrote it a month ago. Its long again.
♥ get rid of the packed up clothes that already got sorted out. Don’t procrastinate! Threw them all out. Almost, not the ones not yet packed up.

♥ There are so many spots still looking terrible. Pick 2 and get rid.
♥ Try selling things now that Christmas is around the corner.

Contribution to goal #4

♥ Cook more! (Not helping that I wait for delivery while typing this!) If cutting veggies and sticking them in the oven counts I got better.
♥ I’ve got a few recipes I would love to try. It’s time for mushroom risottos and stews and such… I don’t think there was one…

♥ 3 new recipes. I start with a bean stew today. An apple sauce cake next week when visiting my godchild and she loves apple sauce I hear.

Contribution to goal #5

♥ I have a few more products to add to the shop and ideas to realize. Lots of new things in the SHOP.
♥ I want to start doing a few things for x-mas. I did. And It’s coming soon. And you can have it too. Follow my shop!

♥ My big goal is making a sale in my Dawandashop. Hopefully with my new product arriving in a couple weeks I will.
♥ Make a new header for the shop.

Contribution to goal #6

♥ I won’t add some book as I will not make it. No reading. Kept this one.
♥ But while typing this I wait for food so I can start watching a real classic I haven’t seen before – Jurassic Park. Maybe I should go to watching classics instead of reading… This it should be an easy one then… Yes, made it and watched Jurassic Park.

♥ Watch one classic movie. Maybe Breakfast at Tiffany’s? What’s your favorite classic?

Contribution to goal #7

no birthdays and such. I skip and get ready for Christmas cards. Done

♥ I am participating in an advent calendar swap again this year organized by undiversell and fraumasulke. It has been a lot of fun last year and it’s great to get lots of handmade little presents. I use my mug coaster daily. So I bring that on the road.
♥ And Annette is having an Nikolaus Blogger Exchange. I was reading about it last year and really really felt said that I missed out. I want to be part this year but wondering if I put too much on my plate. (But secretly I already know I have signed up by the end of the weekend.) You can sign up until: Wednesday November 11, 2pm.

Contribution to goal #8

♥ I have big plans. I want to add a Christmas page with all my related posts. Ahhh this is a pain in the a**. I started three times and just a few days ago I think I had a breakthrough. Now all the work…

♥ Hopefully setting the page up finally.
♥ I’ve a few post ideas for November so actually publishing is the goal.

Contribution to goal #9

♥ projects lining up: 1 hoodie, 1 sparkling long sleeve with a different neckline, newborn baby outfits and purses and totes. Hopefully I can cross lots off next months. Noon, none. I am sooo sad.

♥ Take October goal and do it.

Well, here we go. Lot’s of plans. Only 3 weeks to go. So I better get started.

As always I link to Elisa. Check out the other goals.

Happy goal reaching,


2 thoughts on “News Months Resolution :: November Edition

  1. Hello my friend,
    I have had two monthly resolutions posts in a row as well… as you said, life takes over sometimes!

    I am sorry to hear your bike broke, but happy to see that you renewed your focus towards feeling healthy rather than losing weight! That’s what’s it’s all about, feeling well and ready to take on whatever life throws at us! Certainly a goal worth pursuing, for all of us!

    My favorite classic movies… I’d say Breakfast at Tiffany’s is right there at the top, as well as Mary Poppins, which is not just for kids IMO. I also love My Fair Lady, and I’d include a couple of Disney Classics in this list as well: Alice in Wonderland and The Beauty and The Beast. And now I want to watch them all again, as well :-)
    Elisa recently posted…Healthy and organized: my New Month’s Resolutions for November 2015My Profile

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