New Month Resolution :: September Edition


So here we are September. Crazy. August was unexpected. I had some time at home and got a few things done. Let’s have a look and set goals for the new months.

2015 goals

Contribution to goal #1

♥ Keep finishing my squad challenge and start a new one (sit-ups?) Yes! So proud I got it done! 5 weeks ending with a 100. And I started two more!
♥ Candy on the weekends being good during the week. Mmhm not so much but I believe it got less?! Or maybe not the weight suggests differently.

♥ finish the two challenges. Start the next one. And keep going with 60 squads, some arm and ab exercises daily.
♥ cook more healthy stuff. Candy on weekends. Less carbs for dinner. Whatever but something!

Contribution to goal #2

♥ I can be better. I will be better! I think I did better?!

♥ always improve!

Contribution to goal #3

♥ work hard on getting shit sold. Oh I am having beef with eBay! The second time someone bought something and is not paying and now blaming me for not delivering. I am about done with selling. Way too much trouble.
♥ how about starting to clean up/declutter 30 minutes when coming home. Ok lets stay real do that twice a week. Aaaehm maybe not but I feel like I kept things more tidy and I actually cleaned weekly (don’t judge!)

♥ skip this months of selling shit. Maybe it’s been online too long. Edit: I might donate all to the refugees currently arriving in Germany
♥ keep looking for a regular cleaning lady.

Contribution to goal #4

♥ Two healthy dishes from my books. Well I made some Pinterest recipes but they were nowhere near healthy…

♥ We really need to get back to more cooking and less ordering take out. Maybe I try to do some weekend meal planning.

Contribution to goal #5

♥ Keep going with the experimentation. I didn’t go on with them as I felt it wasn’t secure. However I did make some jewelry. Check out this post or visit my store.

♥ I will keep adding some more jewelry over the next days. And I have plans on doing more. So keep coming back.

bow bracelet in shop

Contribution to goal #6

♥ pick up the kindle and finish this one book about time travel So I did and it was good. I also started and finished “The Paper Magician” and then I started “Moby Dick”.

♥ Finish “Moby Dick”

Contribution to goal #7

♥ 2 birthdays coming up, 2 cards it is! Mhm I didn’t write any…

♥ 2 birthdays but my immediate family so no real cards required to be sent out. My aunt however is on some rehab and all alone for the next weeks so I might cheer her up.

Contribution to goal #8

♥ Maybe start the bundle this month? I haven’t yet.

♥ lets skip this months. and gather some energy to do lots next!

Contribution to goal #9

♥ Just keep going! I am creative and just having thoughts counts as creativity. I felt really creative this month. It felt good. But I didn’t work much in August either…. Coincidence?

♥ I have splurged on lots of new fabrics to sew myself some tops. And I really could use a few long sleeves. So I hopefully start that. And unfortunately my fall purse didn’t make it till fall and I really need new totes.

Now you know my plans, goals and troubles. Lets here yours and link up with Elisa.

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