Jewelry Finds in my archive

It all started with jewelry. This getting back to being more creative. My former work colleague now friend Nicole invited me to a jewelry making session back in 2005 or so and ever since than my stack of beads, wires, ribbons and co just starts increasing.

A bit ago I went through my photo archive and was really amazed even shocked on ow many things I have done over the last years. And even though I don’t wanna seem cocky I am actually quite impressed with myself.

beaded necklaces

And since this blog doesn’t really show much of the jewelry addiction of my real life I figured I share a few pictures today.

beaded bracelets

I mainly do earrings. I feel naked when I forget my earrings before I leave the house.

beaded earrings

These are ones of the early beginnings hence the terrible pictures. sorry. But I got better:

long beaded earrings

Those earrings are my favs. I wear them like every other day.

But then I got enough of beads for a while and started experimenting with cold porcelain for a change.

cold porcelain necklaces

And if you like what you see you might wanna hop over to my Dawanda Shop and check out my stuff there.

jewelry dawanda craftaliciousme

Some pieces made it to Dawanda. But would you like to see something specific in the shop? Let me know I would love to get some hint.

Happy shopping,



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