New Month Resolutions :: March Edition

Hey everyone,

so we start into months #3 in this year of 2015.

After showing off big time in January I am all the more humble in February. Wonder why?

2015 goals

Have a look and review last months resolutions:

Contribution to goal #1


♥ Keep on walking parts of my way home
I kept doing that but not as good as in January. Need to pick it up and make it a habit.
♥ Loosing 2 kg of weight
I did not counting the grams I am over my goal weight but overall its going down.
♥ Exercising by dancing at least once a week
Big HAHA on that part! Really not once.


♥ Loosing the next 2 kg
♥ Find some sort of exercise and get moving

Contribution to goal #2


♥ Lets not bitch around in March

Contribution to goal #3


♥ After the bedroom I will move to the hallway, clean out shoes and my “junk drawer”, reorganize and hopefully get rid of stuff.
Unfortunately I failed this one. Didn’t move a tiny bone to get it done.


♥ Catch up on February’s task
♥ Clean up Inbox of Emailaccounts

Contribution to goal #4


♥ Cook one recipe from one of my books

 Contribution to goal #5


♥ Add a few more items to the shop. Some are half done so just get down to it.
I did add three items to the shop. However not the ones I had in mind.


♥ Have spring items enter the shop. Again tons of ideas. Make them happen!

Contribution to goal #6


♥ keep on reading. In January I read 4 books, 3 being a classic. I will read at least one in February. Thinking Dracula or the Wizard of Oz.
I started a book but haven’t finished yet. It’s a big one. 


♥ Finish that book and start a classic. I am thinking Wizard of Oz. Dracula is more a winter book… I am also open for suggestions in classic books one has to have read…

Contribution to goal #7


♥ A few birthdays coming up in February and they will get a card!
I wrote 3 cards this month. Plus I send off all the invitations for my Grandpa’s 90th B-Day. So already I’ve sent more than all last year.


♥ Continue

Contribution to goal #8

I booked a ticket to Blogtacular conference in London on June 13th. Basically an early B-day present to myself. I’ll be going with Elisa. Oh and I also created an Instagram account. You know, peer pressure…

Contribution to goal #9


I was lucky to have a sketch note workshop with Fr. Hölle paid by my boss. Ever since I am sketching daily. If you want to see, check my Instagram


♥ Just walk around with open eyes and an open mind.

Well, that is my big list for Month #3. Now check out the roundup Elisa is organizing and click through to all the ambitious people.

new month resolution

Happy goal reaching, Tobia

2 thoughts on “New Month Resolutions :: March Edition

    1. Oh Elisa,
      you are so kind. No one called me an artist before…
      And thanks for saying you wanna see spring. You usually give the last push to actually get going…
      I actually wanted to send you a xmas present but no address. We need to change that in June ;-)

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