One of those days…

Argh today is one of those days…

I am sitting here and I “need” to write a post. I am in a somewhat crappy mood. I should be at “home” right now (home as in my second home aka Airbnb in Düsseldorf) and enjoy a hot bowl of soup. Instead I am stuck in the train. First I missed it (because it departed 20 min earlier – wtf) and then there were technical issues that made us stop and stand on the train tracks. I am tired and my back hurts from 6+ hours of sitting and working on my laptop in an unhealthy position. Not the best circumstances.

I am a “happy-day-blog-writer”. I can write blog posts like crazy when I am feeling good. Then I cranck out 3 or 4 posts a day without a prob… But when I am tired and uninspired I have a really hard time to even open the site. Then I can have a list of ideas and I don’t care at all. I guess I am trying to keep the negativity out of here.

How do you handle it? Are you pushing through even though you don’t feel like it when having a plan? I mean this is not limited to blog post writing. I have to admit I do struggle. I often have lots of plans and a whole notepad full of to-do lists but then I often decide that I need rest and don’t do anything. It would probably be better to just get it out of the way and be done with it. I guess it is all about balance.

Thinking of balance. I leave you with a nice and calming photo and hope you had a wonderful day.

creative balance blue ocean

Happy evening,



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