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I love reading post about things that tick off my fellow bloggers. I have never done one myself and I think today is the day you get you a glimpse into pet peeves that do drive me crazy. I have to admit I am not always nice in those situations. I can get cranky. The husband might have used the words “passive aggressive”. And he’s mostly right. Kindness goes a long way. I am just not quick-witted enough to come up with smarter replies. If you handle yourself better let me know. Anyhow this is what drives me nuts.

People who jog or cycle on a cemetery

Ok, lets start with one of my most serious one one right away. It is a cemetery. People mourn the dead. So if someone uses it as a fitness studio I am just not getting it. Who feels good when a loved one has died you are there mourning and someone jogs by dripping their sweat on you. Or a cyclist rings the bell because the old lady with the watering can is in the way. Seriously. I admit I enjoy walking the cemetery on my lunch break so in a way I also enjoy my time there. However I believe I do show respect. Something I learnt from my grandma. When I see someone mourning I choose another way. When I see someone struggling with the watering I asked if I can help. When I see people I greet. That is just what you do on a cemetery in my book.

People who stand in the middle of an entrance chatting.

Wait why are you in need to stand in the entrance of the atm and catch up with your besties? There is a park bench right next to you. Why do you need to stop in the middle of the sidewalk to check the latest Instagrams? Why oh why is it so tough to move out of the way when someone is carrying heavy things.

People who listen to music on speakers.

Excuse me, but maybe just maybe some people actually prefer it quite. Maybe, just a thought, your taste in music is not that great. Maybe, just an idea, headphones would work wonderfully. This summer we went for a walk and miles before meeting the biking family we heard their speakers blare at us. In the forrest. Why go to nature then? And don’t get me started on everyone in public transports. What is the deal. Do you purposely want to annoy people or are you just so damn inconsiderate. Whatever it is stopp.

Blogs that are cluttered with ads

I know we are all trying to survive and in our world money is necessary. And from a marketing expert myself I do know that financing a blog and promoting certain things is valid. The work we do as bloggers is free for everyone. And our time and resources are worth something. So I do not condemn anyone trying to make money. However my experience as a user is that it does annoy me if there is an animated add after every freaking paragraph. That I can’t get to a recipe without a gazillion pop-ups. Probably why I never went the “professional blogging route” myself. If I don’t like it I don’t want to put it out in the world. However I have started slipping in some affiliate links on the blog myself. I guess it is all about balance I am saying.

Neighbors who don’t know how to recycle

Another pet peeve of mine hits me in the face almost every time I bring down the trash. Why is it so very hard to fold up your cart boxes. Or even rip them apart before putting them in the dumpster? There are 50 apartments in this building but people behave like it is just their household. It is annoying, not very neighborly and just selfish. In 15 years I have only refused to rip up one box – take a guess when the landlord wrote an email. It’s frustrating. And we are just heading into the season of more shipping. Sigh…

Ok, enough ranting. Let me know if you agree with one of my pet peeves or tell me one thing that drives you crazy.

Happy day to you


11 thoughts on “Pet Peeves and other annoyances

  1. Hi!
    Pet peeves are really a thing and some that you mention would clearly make it on my list, too. :-)
    I hate being outdoors and having to listen to other people’s music. I mean, the choice of headphones is so big, please, get yourself a pair. If I’m in a park or forest I love the peace and quiet. And don’t mess with me when it comes to recycling.
    One of my pet peeves, typically German ;-), is not being on time. My brother in law and his wife are always late, like ALWAYS. And not just 5 minutes, but talk about half an hour or more. And in my opinion that’s just plain rude. If we agree to meet for coffee at 3 and you show up after 4? I know I won’t change them, but I’ve started to tell them earlier times, like, “We’ll meet at 2, so the kids can play a bit longer.” Then I know they will be here around 3…
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    1. Ha u might not be the typical German than because I am hardly in time. Not on purpose though I want to but somehow rarely manage.
      But the others we do have in common.

    2. Interacting with someone that was perpetually an hour late would drive me crazy!

      I have some extended family members (that will remain nameless) that are a bit like this. Even if they see they’re late for something they’ll STILL do morning exercises, or make a cup of coffee. As in they are fully aware someone else is being inconvenienced and will STILL continue on with what they’re doing before leaving to go to the rendezvous/appointment etc. It boggles my mind.

      That said, after being early for everything for the first 20 years of my life, since having kids in my mid-20’s I am not almost always rushing places. I’m rarely late, but almost never early…yet I feel stressed that I’m going to be late. I’m working hard to add buffer in to my life, but each minute is precious in these busy years and so I end up trying to maximize every spare second.
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  2. Oh, pet peeves are fun… I always love to read if other people get annoyed at the same things that I do ;)

    I am definitely on the same page with you when it comes to blogs cluttered with ads. I just can’t deal with it. A couple of ads in the sidebar or affiliate links are ok, but if there is a pop-up every two minutes or a gazillion flashing ads between the paragraphs, I usually click away. The actual content of the posts gets lost for me and I am not interested to “search” for it.

    I also agree on the “running at the cemetery” pet peeve. I mean, I understand that there are some spacious, very nicely landscaped cemeteries where one might feel tempted to go for a run, but I’d never do that… it just seems wrong.

    1. pet peeves are fun. I love reading yours and that is where I got the idea from. I am glad you don’t run on cemeteries. We can continue to be fired HA. And glad we are on the same page about blogs. You said it: searching for the content you initially went there just seems devoid of the purpose of having a blog. But apparently it does work out so I don’t know. Someone gotta dig through those blogs. Well not us.

  3. These are all good! As a runner, I can weigh in on the cemetery one. It’s tempting- so quiet and peaceful, no cars…but it’s not a gym. I agree that it’s disrespectful to run there. A nice, peaceful walk is fine though.

    1. Where my brother used to live in Copenhagen, he would walk often walk through a cemetery on his commute to downtown. I never saw anyone running (or biking), but there was a steady stream of traffic in terms of walkers and I found it so heartwarming that it got so many (respectful) visitors passing through. It seemed less lonely, and more hallowed. There were benches and everything was so well cared for; it was one of the most enduring memories from our trip to Denmark.
      Elisabeth recently posted…I Moved My Deodorant…And It Kinda (Slightly) Changed My WorldMy Profile

      1. I can totally relate the walking on a cemetery and I can also understand using it for short cuts and commute. I guess it is always a matter of if you are aware we’re you are at and show respect. I love it when the cemetery is busy and buzzing with love. It’s just not a gym or playground…

  4. I always enjoy reading about other people’s pet peeves! I find if a blog has loads of adverts that make reading the post difficult it doesn’t make me want to return!

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