Putting things in perspective

It has been quiet here. The reason is sad.

On a Saturday night in midst of pre-partying crowds at a Burger King we recieved a phone call no one wants to get. Only three days later we were heading to the Dominican Republic to say our last good byes to my almost father-in-law.

Times like this put things in perspective. It will be quiet for a bit longer here.  All energy is needed elsewhere. Nice and pretty things will be back – but not right now.

See you all in a little while, Tobia

p56_trauer vögel_1

7 thoughts on “Putting things in perspective

  1. Liebe Tobia,
    das tut mir sehr leid!! Ich hoffe, dass Ihr bald wieder viel Fröhlichkeit und Leichtigkeit haben könnt! Umso mehr weiß ich zu schätzen, dass Du mir in so einer schweren Zeit so lieb gratuliert hast! Danke!!
    Alles Liebe von Barbara

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