HELP: too many room layout options {Getting a craft room}

In the end of April I have been thinking about a color scheme for my craft room. It has been crazy here and nothing really happened there to be honest. Currently the room looks like this:

p58_craft room today

Yesterday the painter was here again (yes yesterday) to cover up all the mistakes, missed spots and screw ups. So officially the room is ready for the move in. I’m not really bothered that we pay rent since June…  Unfortunately with everything going on here, I have no clue what to do with the room. So that is where I need your help. Here are my first ideas and thoughts:

craft room layout
view into the room, door on the left hand side

I wanted the craft area to be near the window. Right now the light situation is really bothering me and I can only sew when it’s daytime. The other important thing for me was enough desk space. I want an area to cut fabric without robbing around on the floor. And this way there is also room for crafting gatherings. And of course I need as much storage as possibly.

When turning around it looks like this:


craft room layout
little lounge & reading area

I wanted a little area to sit and read, drink a cup of tea or even chat. The room will also be functioning as a guest room. Since I didn’t think a couch would fit in here I went with a lounge chair which can be made into a bed. Maybe I even have room for two chairs. That would be nice → hence the chatting.

craft room layout Grundriss

So here is the room layout. What do you think? I’m mulling over those questions right now:

• Is the room too packed with all the storage space?
• Should the desk be on the left wall?
• Is there enough space to comfortably sleep in the room?
• Do I need this much desk space or is one desk element enough before the L-thing starts?

I have tried a few alternatives:

craft room layout


The wall on the right side is very thin so I am not sure if it is smart to hang that many cabinets.craft room layout lounge area

Or a variation with the desk on the left side.

craft room layout

craft room layout

I actually like the last picture, now looking through my options again. But still the wall is not very sturdy.

So I’m lost in all my thoughts. Any comment is appreciated. Go crazy, I’m counting on you.

Have a great weekend, Tobia

P.S. Oh and about the color scheme. I think I go with a petrol shade but only in the area of the reading nook. This way it’s easy to change if I’m sick of it. 

7 thoughts on “HELP: too many room layout options {Getting a craft room}

  1. Oh toll so ein craft room! Ich glaube ich könnte mich auch schwer für eine Option entscheiden! Aber meiner Meinung nach kann man nie zu viel storage space haben, das ist alles schneller voll als man denkt. Ob Schreibtisch links oder rechts würde ich davon abhängig machen wie das Licht fällt! Ich hoffe wir bekommen ein paar Fotos vom Resultat zu sehen, darauf bin ich jetzt schon gespannt!
    Liebe Grüsse,

    1. Ja je mehr Stauraum desto besser. Voll wird’s allemal. ;-)
      Mhm das mit dem Licht muss ich mal testen und mein Stuhl reintragen zum Probesitzen… Gute Idee.
      Und ich dacht ich halt euch auf dem Laufenden wie ich vorankomme mit dem Zimmer. Hab einen schönen Abend, Tobia

    1. Aaaahhh ich hatte gestern gedacht: nagut dann eben rechts den Tisch und los geht’s. Mhm vielleicht kauf ich die einfach und schieb se ne Weile durch den Raum. *grübelgrübel*
      Hab ein schönes Wochenende, Tobia

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