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every once in a while I come across random facts that I find fascinating. It’s usually just a tiny bit of information in an article or a conversation, a fragment of a news report or a byline in a song lyric. But for some reason it keeps coming back to me. So I figured I’ll put it on this blog so I can revisit and maybe someone of you also finds it interesting and we can talk about it.

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  1. Epidemiologist David Bradley found that his great-grandfather’s entire life took place “in a square of only 40 kilometers.” His grandfather’s lifetime track was about 400 square kilometers; his father’s was about 4,000 square kilometers, and his own extended all over the world, for a 40,000-kilometer square.” While the entire article is mainly talking about friendship I found this piece particular interesting. How privileged are we to see so much of the world, experience so many things and learn so much. But at the same time I believe our mind can’t catch up with the overload on information and doesn’t know how to cope. Might there be a correlation between this fact and increase of mental illness, stress induced diseases and such? Just a thought.
  2. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Great Britain has a ministry for loneliness.
    It is believed that loneliness is a more severe health risk than smoking. I find this rather interesting that Britain is actually acknowledging the modern challenges with creating new ministries and stepping away from rather conventional ones. However it feels like the news coverage is taking it not that serious. What do you think about it.
  3. Trend scientists Adjiedj Bakas predicts that 47% of today’s job profession disappear within the next 20 years and will be taken over by robots and machines. (source: Flow 13)
    Isn’t that crazy? I mean 50% of us are not able to work in the jobs we were trained in. Actually I already experienced that myself. When I did my training in advertising 15 years ago online marketing and internet wasn’t even part of the curriculum. I didn’t have one class covering that! The challenges we face today are so enormous. I wonder what 200 years from now kids learn in school about this time. Will it be as game changing as the Industrial Revolution? So interesting.
  4. On a totally different not: Why are there seagulls when there is no ocean?
    Seriously. Think about it. You drive through open fields and wide landscapes and then suddenly there are seagulls. Or in a huge city with no big water fronts, harbor or such and then seagulls. It just is weird for me.

Now leave a random piece of info that will blow my mind. Or let me know what you think about the points here. Love to here your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Random Facts I found fascinating

  1. Oh wow, I love articles like that that totally blow your mind or make you aware of things you usually don’t think about. I especially love the first article about how the world has expanded generation after generation due to being able to travel.

    1. I know, right?! It blew my mind too. But then I thought back about my grandparents generation and the WWII and how more ground they covered. I guess the study doesn’t apply to all countries.

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