Semolina with hot cherries and the day is good {MMI #1)

semolina with hot cherries

Hello, hello,

there are some days calling for soul food. Things seem to keep going wrong unexpected ways. My motivation is somewhere else. My confidence somewheres the other direction. Lots of things to get done. Not a very good combination.

On those days I need comfort food. Something that makes me believe everything is just the way it’s supposed to be. All will be bright and shiny. Today that was semolina with hot cherries.

semolina with hot cherries

The recipe is rather simple. Boil milk. Add 80 gr. semolina (I used cornmeal today) and add some sugar to taste (I skipped the sugar). Sooo healthy, no?

For the cherries I used one glass had them drained from juice. Boiled the juice, added 2 tbsp of starch and 1 tbsp of sugar. Let boil and add the cherries. Tada and done. Easy, isn’t it?

semolina with hot cherries
yummy semolina with hot cherries – my soul food today

I fell better now. I have this warm full feeling in my tummy and life is just a bit better. While I will get started on my to-do list, you might want to check out Frollein Pfau with her weeks collection of Wednesday-I-Like-contributors.

Have a wonderful day, Tobia

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