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During my vacation end of August I signed up for a two months free Kindle Unlimited subscription. And those are always a reading boost for me. I have talked about my strategic use of Kindle Unlimited in a previous blogpost. And so I flew through September books this month. In total I could cross off xx books from my TBR and I couldn’t be happier. It was a solid month quality wise too with 3* and 4* books. I’d say pretty good reading month. So let’s have a look and maybe I can inspire your TBR a bit too.

White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey | ★★★★☆

What it is about: World War II historical fiction that takes place in the Black Forest of Germany. Franka has her personal struggles and close to giving up when she stumbles upon Luftwaffe pilot in the snow.
What I thought: I enjoyed this novel and especially how the resistance group White Rose was woven into the story. I liked the characters and thought they had a good chemistry. However I have to say that “historically” it wasn’t any new things I have learned. For someone not familiar with life in Germany during WWII for the population of Germany and also some resistance movements I believe it is even better to pick up. It was the first book by this author for me and he seems to write a lot of historic fiction not only about WWII so I will definitely go read other ones.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, eBook
Publications: German title “Funken in der Nacht” paperback, eBook and few more translations
Recommend to: Anyone wanting to learn more about WWII from German point of few.

The Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata | ★★★☆☆

What it is about: Keiko Furukura is an outsider. Struggling to understand the rules of society, estranged of feelings and a bit lost. One day she decides to take a job in a convenience store a konbini. Here she is taught how to interact with people and feeling for the first time in here element. Until a young man starts working there and everything tumbles.
What I thought: I enjoyed the book. It was a bit different but I come to realize that Japanese and Korean authors have that “weirdness factor” to it. It reads very well, it sometimes makes you smile and it for sure makes you think. It made me question if I appreciate store workers or if I recognize their work at all. Also I enjoyed that a relationship may not always is what it looks like and that both parties do benefit even though you may not see it that way. It once again taught me to not judge so quickly.
Original Language and Title: コンビニ人間 [Konbini ningen]
Publications: German Die Ladenhüterin hardcover, paperback, eBook // English The Convenience Store Woman paperback, eBook
Recommend to: If you are enjoying a novels with a humorous look at society and love to read foreign literature.

Kissed by Trouble: Das Bernsteinkonplott by Clannon Miller | ★★★☆☆

What it is about: Third book in a serious of a detective duo Steiner&Conti who run a troubleshooter business for obscure cases.
What I thought: I enjoy the series because it merges two genres romance and crime story with a tough female character. I also enjoy the fun characters that are all quirky and have their own troubles. I may even like the dog a little bit. Definitely a good way of spending time.
Original Language and Title: German paperback, eBook
Publications: no translations as of now
Recommend to: Loving romance but often find them too shallow and who loves strong female characters that kick ass.

Der Traumgänger by Jo Hallberg | ★★★☆☆

What it is about: Morgan and her friends are looking for a forgotten library. When they find a hidden chest all hell breaks loose.
What I thought: I had a tough time getting back into the series as I couldn’t remember all the characters. It was enjoyable but a bit slow and at times I felt the story dragged on. I didn’t enjoy that the book ended when it actually started. I am glad I was able to continue right away with the third book in the series. Otherwise disappointment.
Original Language and Title: German paperback, eBook
Publications: no translations as of now
Recommend to: Maybe a younger reading group and people who don’t have too much experience with fantasy.

Die Prophetin by Jo Hallberg | ★★★☆☆

What it is about: Morrigan and Liv are traveling to the dreamland. The quest they were on fails – of course – and they are stranded. To get home they risk everything while their friends fight their battles on the other side.
What I thought: Honestly I just wanted to finish this up. The book had too many battle scenes for my taste and I could have done with a bit less. More book and mystery would have been nice. Also I felt like the characters did really grow throughout the entire series. Just new people were introduced and new relationship formed.
Original Language and Title: German paperback, eBook
Publications: no translations as of now
Recommend to: Everyone wanting to finish the series.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg | ★★★☆☆

What it is about: Maire, a baker with an extraordinary gift, living in a quaint town and doesn’t remember her life before the last four years. When marauders raid her town, Maire is captured and sold to the eccentric Allemas. Her life becomes one of hardships. Simultaneously her memories start coming back.
What I thought: I know the stories by this author are entertaining. They are a solid pick but never really range on the top. So this was somewhat a safe pick for wanting some fun and easy entertainment. It is a fantasy and I love those. This particular one was probably the one I enjoyed the least. However I listened to it and also read. And I can confirm that listening to the books is a different experience for me. It doesn’t go as deep. I think listening to non fiction is the better option for me.
Original Language and Title: English paperback, eBook
Publications: no translations as of now
Recommend to: If you like a fantasy, angel like characters and some mystery.

Selbstwertgefühl stärken by Emilia Mai | ★★⭑☆☆

What it is about: A guide with 11 strategies to strengthen your self esteem.
What I thought: I found this book a bit redundant. Many of the tips were – at least for me – more towards mindfulness and not particular helpful if you want to work on your self esteem. I wonder if I don’t get it or if it was just not a very helpful book. Overall there was only this one helpful chapter for me.
Original Language and Title: German eBook
Publications: no translations as of now
Recommend to: I foyu get started with the whole topic on personal development.

So much for my September books. I am looking forward to the books I have planned for October. My kindle unlimited subscription runs till the 20th and then there is the book club coming up and I also want to read some of the books I received by some publishers. So full month ahead.

Happy reading


2 thoughts on “September Books – What I read

  1. You’ve been reading a lot lately. Nice! I am particularly intrigued by the first book (although I’ll wait a little bit because it’s another WWII story and I had quite a few recently ).

    1. I think you would enjoy the first one. I found it worth my time. I seem to read more when I have limited access to books it seems like. Some sort of FOMO maybe.

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