Starry Night #21 * Candle Star * DIY Advent Calendar

Hey everyone,

are you in a Pre-Christmas hustle? I am kinda… all of last week was shopping and errands and organizing and stuff, yesterday was a big cleaning day and today is basically the first day I am doing something fun. I’ll be shortly meeting a friend from Australia for Brunch. Yeah me!

So todays Star DIY will be a really quick one – a Candle Star:

candle star

♥ candles (I used christmas tree candles)
♥ something to put them on ( I used an old box and spruced things up with masking tape. I would have rather used a wooden block but didn’t have one near by… )

Now get out your star shape and start melting wax with one candle and fix unused ones onto your star shape.

Yep, that’s all!

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent, Tobia

candle star

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