Starry Night #6 * Star Napkins * DIY Advent Calendar

gift idea hand stamped napkin

Do you know people who always need a napkin no matter how small a snack they eat?! And I mean a napkin for setting the table all fancy not because spilling something. My dad is one of those. And of course he prefers a cloth napkin over a tissue one.

So I figured why not combine today’s DIY with making a Christmas present? And no he shouldn’t be reading here he doesn’t know about this blog (yet).

So here it goes: Star Napkins

star napkins

Here is your shopping list:
♥ erasers or star stamps
♥ linocut carving tools
♥ napkins (of course you can sew yourself some if you like)
♥ textile paint
♥ brush, pencil, scissors

Making the stamps.

I decided to make myself some star shaped stamps out of eraser. Of course you can go ahead and buy stamps.

To transfer your stars to rubber I came up with a trick. Design on a computer and print. Then color your stars with a pencil. Put colored side on the eraser and press down with a damp rug. The pencil will transfer to the rubber and you can easily carve your stamp.


Once done comes the stamping part. I recommend prewashing your cloth as sometimes there are still industrial ruckstande within.
Now go crazy with stamping away.

Fixate your napkins according to producers instruction.

star napkins

Set the table and enjoy a nice and fancy dinner!
Happy crafting, Tobia

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