Red Currant Breakfast Bake

I love breakfast on weekends. Usually we have traditional German breakfast with rolls and ham, salami, different cheeses, jams, Nutella and honey. But I have to admit that most of the time I crave something else. I love warm breakfast and ever since I discovered breakfast bakes I do them when I am home alone.

Last Sunday however I took the time and made me a batch of red currant breakfast bake. It’s so yummy when the crushed red currants melt in your mouth and their sour taste meets the crunchy oats and ground spelt. Its downright delicious. Seriously!

red currant breakfast bake

And since I am a nice person I will share my recipe with you.

What you need:

♥ 150 g red currant
♥ 100 ml milk (warm)
♥ 3 tbs ground spelt
♥ 5 tbs oats (I used spelt oats)
♥ 2 tbs oil
♥ 2 tbs agave sirup
♥ 2 tbsp coconut
♥ 1/2 hand pecans, chopped
♥ 1 tsp flaxseed
♥ 2 tsp cinnamon
♥ 1 pinch of salt

red currant breakfast bake ingredients

1. Soak ground spelt for 10 minutes in the warm milk.

2. Add oats and let sit for another 5 minutes.

3. Clean red currants and pour into a baking or casserole pan.

4. Mix remaining ingredients with the milk-oat mixture and pour on top of your berries.

5. Bake at 180°C for about 20-30 minutes. Let cool a tiny bit before you enjoy your breakfast.

Do you have a great breakfast recipe? Please share!

Happy crunching,


Iced Coffee { Recycle Quick Tip #8 }

I usually have my cup of coffee by pushing a button and it’s done. However when having guests it would keep me quite busy. So we also got a fancy French press system for our wedding. But what to do when some is left?!

iced coffee

Freeze it. Yep.
With this kind of weather iced coffee is the best choice. But putting ice cubes in your coffee usually makes it quite watery (is that a word?). So freeze your cold coffee and just pour milk over your cubes. Very yummy, very refreshing.

iced coffee
And because I really love my iced coffee these days I link it to Frollein Pfaus MMI.

Any other tips how to use up cold coffee? Let me know in the comments.

Semolina with hot cherries and the day is good {MMI #1)

semolina with hot cherries

Hello, hello,

there are some days calling for soul food. Things seem to keep going wrong unexpected ways. My motivation is somewhere else. My confidence somewheres the other direction. Lots of things to get done. Not a very good combination.

On those days I need comfort food. Something that makes me believe everything is just the way it’s supposed to be. All will be bright and shiny. Today that was semolina with hot cherries.

semolina with hot cherries

The recipe is rather simple. Boil milk. Add 80 gr. semolina (I used cornmeal today) and add some sugar to taste (I skipped the sugar). Sooo healthy, no?

For the cherries I used one glass had them drained from juice. Boiled the juice, added 2 tbsp of starch and 1 tbsp of sugar. Let boil and add the cherries. Tada and done. Easy, isn’t it?

semolina with hot cherries
yummy semolina with hot cherries – my soul food today

I fell better now. I have this warm full feeling in my tummy and life is just a bit better. While I will get started on my to-do list, you might want to check out Frollein Pfau with her weeks collection of Wednesday-I-Like-contributors.

Have a wonderful day, Tobia

Schwelgen in Erinnerungen {creamy Apple French Toast}

Guten Morgen und ich wünsche euch einen fröhlichen und sonnigen Sonntag.

Es gibt so Tage an denen ich in Gedanken an meine Zeit in den USA denke. Und meistens träum ich dann vom Essen… Als ich damals vor fast 14 Jahren vor langer Zeit dort ankam, hatte ich jedoch Mühe mit der Frühstückskultur. So ein ordentliches Brötchen habe ich sehr vermisst. French Toast (oder wie ich später lernte in Deutschland Armer Ritter) oder Porridge oder Pancakes – irgendwie nach dem 3 mal laaaangweilig. Und überall kam da Ahornsirup drauf den ich nun mal gar nicht mochte. Ich habe das dann mit Apfelmus substituiert und musste mir irgendwann meine eigene Ration kaufen…

Tja und heute sind das genau die Sachen auf die ich dann ursplötzlich einen Hipper bekomm. Und wie ich nun festgestellt hab, ist das auch gar nicht mal so schwer. Ich zeig euch heute mal ein kleines Experiment was aus meiner Pfanne hüpfte.

Good morning everyone and a happy and sunny sunday. There are days where my thoughts wander to my days back in the U.S.. Back than almost 14 years ago a few years ago when I arrived I did have my difficulties with the american breakfast culture and was just craving my traditional german Brötchen (rolls). French Toast (word by word translation in German would be “poor knight”) or porridge or pancakes – they were just boring to me after the third time. And I just didn’t like maple sirup. I substitute the sirup with apple sauce and I ended up paying for myself as I just used too much.
Well and today those dishes are exactly what I am longing for. I figured out there are not so tough to make so here is my experiment fresh out of the pan.

p31_Y_Apple French Toast_b2

♥ 1 Ei | 1 egg
♥ 2 EL Crème fraîche | 2 tbs crème fraîche
♥ 2 EL Vanillezucker | 2 tbs vanilla sugar
♥ ordentlich verrühren | wipp thorougly
♥ Zimt | cinnamon to taste
♥ gemahlene Walnüsse | ground walnuts
♥ alles ordentlich verrühren | wipp together all ingredients

Jetzt das Apfelkompott vorbereiten | prepare stewed apple compote

p31_Y_Apple French Toast_b3


♥ Apfel in Scheiben scheiden | slice apples
♥ Zimt | add cinnamon
♥ Butter in der Pfanne erwärmen | heat butter in pan
♥ Apfel darin andünsten | braise apples lightly

p31_Y_Apple French Toast_b4

♥ 2 Toast in der Masse wenden | dipp 2 toast in prepared liquid
♥ jeweils von einer Seiten goldbraun anbraten | bake until gold brown
♥ die angebratene Seite mit Crème fraîche und Äpfeln belegen | put crème fraîche and apples on baked side 
♥ Toast zusammen klappen so dass die ungebratenen Seiten außen sind und fertig braten |  put toast together so that unbaked sides are on the outside and finish baking

p31_Y_Apple French Toast_b5

p31_Y_Apple French Toast_b6

Lecker lecker sag ich euch. Kennt ihr das? Erst schmeckt es gar nicht und dann ist es solo lecker? Lasst mal hören!

Yummy yummy I tell you. Have you experienced this? First you don’t like it and then it is just yummy? Let me hear your story!