Cucumber Potato Salad :: Perfect for Summer

Hey lovelies!

wow this salad blew me away. Seriously! And I came up with it in a whim. On a hot hot summer day. One of those days where you just don’t feel like eating but than late afternoon you realized you are getting really hungry. Well this is for you.

Cucumber Potato Salad

A wonderful yummy cold cucumber potato salad!

What you need:

♥ 1 kg potatos
♥ 1 cucumber
♥ 200 g sour cream
♥ scallion
♥ salt & pepper

1. Wash, clean, cube your potatoes and then boil them in salted water. When they started to boil I added a bit of instant vegetable stock for seasoning. Let potatoes cool down.

2. Peel cucumber and cube it. Thinly slice the scallion.

3. Mix potatoes and cucumber. Add sour cream and mix well. Add scallion, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Let sit in the refrigerator for a while so the flavors can develop.

5. Enjoy this yummy salad.

Cold Summer Cucumber Potato Salad

I bet this would be a wonderful alternative zo the regular BBQ salads and I imagine it would go great with grilled fish or chicken.

What’s your favorite summer salad?

Happy cooking,


Homemade candles for the summer BBQ

So who has some Christmas candles left over?! Or who is gathering used, half burned candles in some weird place? Or who never finds the right color anyways?

I sure raised my hand for all and yelled yes.

Ever since my dad introduced me to candle making about 25 years ago (holy crap…) I keep collecting candle remains. The other day I came across my designated candle box, trying to fit in more and realized it’s time for candle cooking.

homemade candles

And with BBQs coming up and long nights on the balcony or one or two invites it’s good to stock up.

I usually have a very old pot I use. Unfortunately due to decluttering I brought it back to my dads workshop. But I had seen this idea of using a regular can and was intrigued.

How to make candles


  • Old candles and wax
  • Candlewick*
  • Old pot or can
  • Tetra packs or plant pots
  • Spit of wood / wooden kebab stick

1. Gather your stuff. Boil some water.

candle making supply

2. Break up your candle and wax pieces so they fit the can. As smaller the pieces the faster they melt.

3. Remember how color works! If you put all colors together most likely you end up with brown candles. Maybe not what you have in mind for summer candles. I started with plain white for the first ones so I could go darker. Other way around will leave you with a faint color.

4. Pour water in your pot and place can inside. Make sure it doesn’t tip over and water gets into the pan. (No I have not tried that…)

5. Wait till all wax is melted.

melting wax for candle making

6. While you wait, cut up tetra packs. They should be a bit higher than your candlewick is long. Push your wooden sticks through your tetra pack. They will support the wick from moving/drowning once the wax is filled in.

homemade candle mold

7. Fill melted wax into your mold. Be sure not to drown wick. Some wicks will melt, the good ones won’t. You never know when buying.

Bonus: if you want to add some special effects do it now. I added some glitter before pouring wax and sprinkled some on top. You could add all materials that won’t rot like coffee beans, dried flowers, glitter, toys and what not. Just make sure they don’t start a fire.

Now have some fun!

bbq candles

Things I’ve learned:

  • Using a can in a water bath takes much longer, but you can throw it out
  • Using a can gives you the possibility of doing more colors
  • It still kinda makes a mess
  • I need to figure out how to avoid this hole at the wick when candles start to dry. Any ideas?
  • I found using tetra packs as molds are genius. They come off in a second.

Have you ever made candles yourself?! Will you going to?

Happy wax cooking,


For more creative ideas visit creadienstag!

*affiliate link (more information here)

Schmorgurken – My Favorite Summer Dish

I truly believe that all the best and most yummy food doesn’t look too impressive… Think about it: mashed potatoes, ratatouille, hot semolina, sauerkraut, blutwurst, stews… I can go on but I guess you get the idea.

So that is why I share a recipe with ugly not so great pictures and dare you to give it a try. Ok I admit it was late too and light crappy.

Schmorgurken - german summer dish

This has been my all time favorite summer food. It is one of those dishes that actually have a season and can not be prepared throughout the year. Maybe that is way I love it… And I am not the only one in my family. So when my sister was in town and our mom invited us for dinner it was pretty much set in stone what was on the menu. I remember when we used to harvest the cucumber in our backyard before we moved to Berlin. Now I have to almost be on a hunt to find the right cucumbers. I have no idea how they are called English or German. We call them “Schmorgurken” but I am sure they go by another name. But it is really important to use this kinda cucumber. They have less moisture.

Schmorgurken - german summer dishAnyway let’s get started with the ingredients list:

  • Cucumber
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Junipers
  • Pepper

1. Preparation
Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Cut in same sized pieces. Put the cucumbers in a sieve. Make sure to catch draining liquids. Sprinkle with vinegar and salt – don’t be shy. Now let it sit at least two hours better longer as more water will be drained. Even over night is possible.

2. Cooking
Now comes the boring wearisome part. Put cucumbers into a pan and braise until transparent. That’s the crucial part. I am usually too inpatient. My mom actually devides up the cucumber in smaller portions to have better and faster results. Add bits of your drained vinegar-water so they don’t burn. If the water is too vinegary use plain water.
Once the cucumbers are transparent add onions and a bit later tomato, 2-4 junipers (slightly mashed). Let simmer for 15 minutes.

3. Almost done
Now just taste, add salt a bit of pepper maybe more vinegar- water. Serve with boiled potatoes. Some people eat it with some meat but it’s always been a vegetarian dish for me. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard of “Schmorgurken” (braised cucumbers)? I know most Germans have not heard of this dish and it is more common to the region I grew up in. However for me it is one of the most German dishes there is.

Looking forward to your comments and interpretations.

Have a great Sunday, Tobia

Edit 2018: As this is my favorite summer dish I took an effort to make a better photo to convince you to give this recipe a try. So please be convinced:

Schmorgurken – German Summer Dish – craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Iced Coffee { Recycle Quick Tip #8 }

I usually have my cup of coffee by pushing a button and it’s done. However when having guests it would keep me quite busy. So we also got a fancy French press system for our wedding. But what to do when some is left?!

iced coffee

Freeze it. Yep.
With this kind of weather iced coffee is the best choice. But putting ice cubes in your coffee usually makes it quite watery (is that a word?). So freeze your cold coffee and just pour milk over your cubes. Very yummy, very refreshing.

iced coffee
And because I really love my iced coffee these days I link it to Frollein Pfaus MMI.

Any other tips how to use up cold coffee? Let me know in the comments.

Green Tea Nectarine Slush

green tea nectarine slush

Remember my New Years resolution? Well I do and I feel a bit ashamed that my #2 goal has been putting more distance between me and fulfillment.

And during this kind of weather I’m just craving ice cream any time of day. So I came up with a healthy solution

Green Tea Nectarine Slush

green tea nectarine slush

You need:
1 liter of green tea – I prefer a bit stronger taste for this one
2 nectarines
Sparkling water

First you have to freeze you tea aka make green tea ice cubes. Now the hard part: wait
Cut up nectarines and put in blender, add about 8 ice cubes and 150 ml sparkling water. Blend till ice cubes are slushy and enjoy.

I bet this would taste good with watermelon or cherries… What fruit would you use?

Have a great weekend,