The art of doing nothing

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It is Sunday evening and I can proudly say – I did nothing this weekend.

A couple years ago – and even many days today – I would have feel like a total looser wasting my time away, having nothing accomplished.

creative_whimsical weekend weekend of nothing

I had big plans for this weekend. On Friday I didn’t finish up my to-do list. I “cheated” myself by saying I will just quickly finish it Saturday morning before Mr. ♥︎ would be awake. Then I wanted to drive to the recycling yard to finally get some chunk out of the craft lab and start on my most daunting project this year. Than I also wanted to finish sewing my sweater I started before Christmas. Well, and then there are all the household chores that pile up during the week.

When I went to bed on Friday night around midnight I received a message from my mom asking my sister and I if we would spontaneously are game for a spa day tomorrow. We were. So after sleeping in and leading the washer (ok I admit to reduce the guilty feeling) I went to pick them up and then we spent 12 hours in the spa. And we didn’t even hit the sauna that often because we just relaxed, slept, read and most of the times talked. It was so really nice and relaxing. When I came home I spent another couple ours slacking away on the couch visiting with Mr. ♥︎ before I went to bed. What a great Saturday.

And you know what. I just kept going on Sunday. I enjoyed a long coffee and watched all Instagram stories. We have breakfast and watched a movie “The Great Wall” which was pretty cool. I then played a few games, read a lot of blogs today and actually took the time to comment on many posts. I read in my Flow magazine and just sat next to Mr. ♥︎ surfing the day away, telling each other what we are reading and relaxing while some nice tunes were playing. And suddenly it is 7.30 pm and the day is gone. But you know what – it was wonderful. A great weekend and it felt like I actually spent more quality time with Mr. ♥︎ then just binge-watching the next best tv show.

And so without realizing it I actually managed to chalk some things on my New Years Resolutions list: beautify my relationships (visiting with my family, spending time with my Mr. ♥︎) and also beautify me because this whole weekend relaxed me immensely and contentment and happiness make me a kinder person.

So you might wonder why am I balling about all this? Well, I guess I want to let you know that it is ok to just step out of busy life and watch it go by. It will be there tomorrow and you can join in any time you feel like it But there is nothing wrong with not participating all the time. This was a really long road for me to lean and I have not mastered it. But today I have.

Happy Sunday,


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