Corona Diaries – Month 9

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Another pandemic month has passed. Have you ever wondered how this time area will be taught to future generations? Will it be just another pandemic like we learnt about the pest or cholera. Or will it be the beginning of a new world order? What ever we live through it has impact in our daily life. That is why I started this little series of corona diaries back in March. Here is the latest update.

Number of days at home? Current situation.

13 days – Since Monday October 26, 2000 I am more or less home. A planned visit with my friend on the 30th has been canceled instead we had a long FaceTime chat. I only leave the house for walks in the park or cemetery and to get some shopping done. I try to make it max 2 times a week or we order groceries. Mr. ♡ will be working from home all of this week to minimize any contact.

How is the political situation?

Just last month I wrote “Since we are not in lock-down mode anymore…” Well, what can I say. numbers of infections are as high es ever in Germany. So the month of November was to be a “lockdown light” to get a grip one the situation and maybe have a bit breathing room once the holidays are on our doorstep. We are not the only ones. Trains down cross the border to Poland anymore. Tourists were asked to go back home and other European countries are also in lockdown mode or have been names risk areas.

How is the work situation?

Very busy. I currently work on two client projects. One is a gift and stationary shop and we are in high season. With the lockdown light we need to shift more sales to online sales and so we are busy working on this. My other client wanted to extant my contract until June – unfortunately there was some miscommunication and so I am still waiting if that pans out. It would be very good otherwise I need a new project as of January quick.

Overall though I am far from complaining. I am so lucky to have work and I try to make it all happen. But it is a lot and my energy levels are low.

How is the mood?

Tired, exhausted, hybernation mode but also excited for the holiday season, inspired for projects and just not enough time to make it all happen. Which frustrates. A vicious cycle…

Also learnt that my sister and her family where under quarantine a few days before moving house – luckily no corona. Also hearing my other sister apparently already had Corona but without any symptoms but she apparently has antibodies already.

Any favorite moments?

  • going for a walk when a migraine was creeping up, leaving all the tasks on the desk and deciding I need to take care of myself
  • completed work project and many positive feedback.
  • facetimeing with my best friend while crafting

What was the worst moment?

The rising numbers and the feeling of we are just at the beginning of it. Winter is here and it will be tough. I keep pushing away the thought about how to celebrate and whom to spend the holidays with.

What is stressful right now?

Messy home office, getting some steps in and some fresh air in my lungs, the thought of using public transport,

Any makes/DIYs this month?

Gathering acorns and leaves for some art projects. My mini garlands and gift tags. A new recipe I came up with from scratch and that was delicious.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

Mainly it’s on my own for lunch/dinner with a few exeptions.

  • wild lemon rice with salmon
  • “Pellkartoffeln und Quark mit Leinöl” a local favorite of potatoes, quark and lineseed oil
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • sandwiches
  • bread with fried eggs
  • omelette
  • pasta with pesto
  • pea soup

This year is definitely taking a toll. Not only the pandemic but everything else that is happing in this world, all the things that are happening right now that do not get the media attention they should get because there are so many many things not ok here. I know it will all get better but it’s gonna be a long way uphill.

Take care and stay safe


4 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 9

  1. This year is really something else…. so much bad news, and things keep on piling up. I mean, I am glad that Trump was voted out, but the transition won’t be easy as long as Trump keeps throwing a tantrum and we badly need some leadership in regards to Covid. I am sad to hear that cases have risen again in Germany, too, although that was to be expected with the beginning of flu season, I suppose. We just all have to stay vigilant and do the right thing through the winter months!

    1. oh yes I can see why America does need some leadership badly – specially in handling Corona. It’s so unbelievable what is happening. I had to run errands yesterday and I was really really surprised how packed the city was, lots of people going shopping and stuff. It felt like we didn’t even have a pandemic just all some sort of mouth piece for fashion purposes… I do love my home office bubble.

  2. I relate to so much of this – things are similar here in Ontario, Canada – except we are not as locked down as we should be right now, I think. People are having a bit of “Covid protocol fatigue” – and we are still not sure what to do for Christmas either! I am really enjoying looking at your crafts, though! :)

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