In times that are different than our usual days I like to keep some consistency. So let’s chat again with a nice cup of coffee. I will sit on the balcony and dream of meeting you in the little café I once had breakfast with Mr. ♡ while we FaceTime .

Let’s sip a coffee…
and I listen to you telling me about your Easter holidays. What did you do this year? Was it’s as it always been or did you have to refrain from seeing family and friends?
It was the first time Mr ♡ and I were completely alone. It was different but relaxed and nice. I have been making the traditional easter braid and dyed our eggs with some onion skins. Such a deep color. There was no church service as it falls under the contact ban but music was playing and you could walk by the church and pick up a candle, some flower seeds and the sermon. It was good for what was possible. Later I sat on the balcony and read in the sunshine.

Let’s sip a coffee…
and I tell you about the 100 day project. As you may know by now I try to do this every year. It’s my 5th time around and this year I have had too many ideas. Rather spontaneously I decided I will list all ideas and projects that take up brain space (38 projects so far) and then will start towards completing them for the next 100 days. Some are easily done in a few minutes other will take a couple days. But it feels good getting to work and it fits perfectly with this years word. If you want to get a daily scoop of my projects follow along on Instagram. Do you also participate?

Let’s sip a coffee…
and I want to tell you about my lent experience. I decided to abstain from using my phone in the bedroom. It’s really amazing how that has changed from “I need to scroll Instagram before falling asleep” to “not even thinking about it”. It’s also really freeing to wake up in the morning and not looking at the screen immediately. Now I often lie in bed some minutes just letting my thoughts roam free. I decided to keep that habit. Did you do something and will you continue?

Let’s sip a coffee…
and I’ll let you know how within the last two weeks I was enjoying the first snowfall of this season (March 30) while a few days later I sat outside on the balcony reading my book (April 12). Now tell me it’s crazy right? Did you experience anything similar lately?

Let’s sip a coffee…
and I share with you that I scored a free month of Kindle unlimited access. I always look forward to those offers because I save up all the books within the unlimited package on a separate wishlist and once I have a month going I have my own small selected library. Do you have any smart organization tips when it comes to handling your TBR?

Now friend I need to finish our time together. I have some more time scheduled to hop over to all the people participating in Lecy’s coffee date. Hope to see you around next months.

Happy spring


6 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | APRIL 2020

  1. Your eggs were beautiful! I might have to try doing that next year. I’ve always done the store-bought dyes they sell in kids for children, but I love the idea of using more natural dyes. I decided to do some photography for my 100-day project. The skies are usually so different, day-to-day, so I wanted to capture them for the next few months. I’m just sharing them on Instagram stories and keeping them in a highlight on my profile. It’s really interesting how easy it is to stop scrolling when you put your phone away at certain times of the day. I need to do more of that. The weather has been crazy here too. It was snowing one day and the next, it was warm enough to be outside without a coat. I don’t think the world knows what season it is! Kindle and Kindle unlimited are such great resources. I have so many books I need to read in the future. Tobia, I’m so glad you joined the date this month. Hope to see you next time!
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 46My Profile

    1. Yes I love your sky photos. They would look wonderful in a huge scare collection when done I believe. My family is dying Easter eggs always with onion peels for water Sunday’s breakfast. When we’ve been little we used store bought dye too to get all colors. I might experience a bit more next year.

  2. My Easter was definitely different than usual. I watched church online and did a zoom chat with family, instead of visiting them in person. Not quite the same but it was still enjoyable. Limiting phone use in the bedroom is such a good idea. I find I check my phone in the morning and get distracted by scrolling! I’ve stopped bringing my phone to the dinner table though, so that’s a start. On the other side of the world, our weather has mostly been cooling down but we had a random hot day earlier this week! Hope you enjoy your month of free books, that sounds like a great way to pass the time in lockdown! Lovely to have coffee with you, Tobia, and I hope you stay safe in this time.

    1. Yes Easter was different for mostly all of us. I have more frequent phone calls with my family. Not having the phone during dinner is also a good idea. I should practice this next. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I am so impressed you’re doing the 100 Day project… one of these days, I’d love to join… :)
    Also glad you had a nice quiet Easter. The eggs looked awesome.

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