Corona Diaries – Week 5


Honestly I’ve no idea what week we are in with this pandemic. I don’t really care, it feels like the new normal. See here we go for another round-up.

Number of days at home?

36 days
Left the house Wednesday & Friday for groceries. Friday also dropped off some letters.

How is the political situation?

The contact ban is still in place however a few things were loosened up a bit. So apparently smaller shops are allowed to open again starting Monday April 20. Also the schools are slowly starting again in some federal states. But mainly they are aiming for May 4. Events, concerts and co will not be happening until late summer as of now.

How is the work situation?

Actually quite good. Prepared my first online workshop and also my other client (the pro bono one) decided to pick up business again and we go full force into a new website project. So lots of things to do the next few weeks. Good!

How is the mood?

Good. No corona fatigue or depression so far. I am really happy that this does not effect me much moddwise.

Any favorite moments?

  • Receiving lovely mail
  • having a virtual zoo visit with my niece

What was the worst moment?

  • not getting everything at the store – definitely first world problems
  • when you want to finish a project and it gets stuck 5 minutes from completion with no apparent solution at hand.

What is stressful right now?

Still don’t care much for the shopping experience.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

I got out my adult coloring book and spend some mindless doodling. Also I painted the hall way. Wrote some letters and cooked a new recipe. Quite happy with the turn out.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

  • potatoes, sauerkraut & sausages
  • grilled salmon & zucchini / fishfingers & cucumber salad with mashed potatoes
  • pasta with ground beef and green beens (recipe from this book)
  • his: frozen pizza | hers: radishes in goat cheese
  • grilled salmon & zucchini / fishfingers & cucumber salad with mashed potatoes
  • grilled cheese with salad, baguette bread, fries

And this was another week. How have you been doing? Any struggles? Anything amazing happening?

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Week 5

    1. I know I am very lucky. I almost feel guilty or that something is wrong with me because every one around me is struggling or complaining.

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