Right now I should actually get some work done. But it is a day of procrastination and before I just scroll my phone and eat more ice cream I decided to have our August coffee date instead. So lets take some time , enjoy our iced coffee latte and have a chat

During our coffee chat…
I tell you about the first couple weeks in my new work project. You might remember me telling you about it last time. During my onboarding week I was able to visit not only one but four container terminals at the Port of Hamburg. It was really really interesting as I never dreamed of going there yet actually knowing what is going on in a port. The whole project gives me totally new perspective on how global trade is running. That is what I love about freelancing – within a relative short amount of time I get to see so many different areas, clients and products. I could not switch jobs that fast… My curiosity is my driver – I keep asking questions like a kid. How about you – do you like change and new areas to work in or do you like it more steady?

During our coffee chat…
I want to know if you also encounter so many critters and insects this summer. I live in a city apartment on the 4th floor but this year I keep getting green crickets. What do they do up here? I don’t even have that much greenery… Also lets not forget the very annoying annual visitors – wasp and moths. When gut comes around we are having so many wasp coming into the windows, sitting on our breakfast or stealing our drinks. It is very annoying. Just last night Mr. ♡ was stung. And the moths… They don’t do anything, they are even silent but so ugly and huge. It is a bit like a horror movie when you are one bed and the circle above…

During our coffee chat…
I remember my little vacation at home and I haven’t told you about it yet. I went for a long weekend to our family’s country home and it was so so great and relaxing. Lots of bike rides, flower and berry picking, long nights in the garden and some family time. Every time I get back home I am wondering why I don’t do those little breaks more often… But maybe there are only so great because they are so rare…

During our coffee chat…
I’ll ask you what you are currently reading. I am a bit stuck on a biography novel about Gustav Klimt. He is one of my favorite painters and I love learning more about him and his work. Unfortunately the writing style is really annoying and not at all something I enjoy. Also the painter himself doesn’t come across very nice. So I am a bit torn if I should continue or not. I am half way through and the bits of information are interesting… I abandoned it for two nights after finding a beach novel set in Nokia Scotia in a little swapping library.

During our coffee chat…
I’d like to know what you think about mushrooms. I seems like it’s either yay or nay on that topic. I myself am a big fan of mushrooms. I could eat them daily. Just last night I bought some chanterelles and ate them sautéed with onions and a fresh slice of buttered bread. I also love mushroom hunting. A couple weeks ago when I was on my little weekend vacay I already had a look but it was too early in the season and way too dry.

During our coffee chat…
I admit that I went on a little online shopping trip last weekend. During the week the packages piled up and poor husband carried a few back home during the week. Since I was in Hamburg for work I routed them through his office. So this weekend will be trying all those things on. To be honest I don’t even know what I ordered. But then I never really buy any clothes because it’s all meh. Maybe in one of those packages is something I really like to wear.

During our coffee chat…
And while we are talking about clothes – last summer the husband ordered me some shorts. I do not think I have worn shorts (outside the bedroom) since my summer in Idaho some 20 years ago. I just never felt comfortable. But last weekend I wore them to the lake and even on a stroll though Hamburg. This might not be a big thing for anyone but I am proud of myself. I liked it so much that I am planning on sewing a pair this weekend.

So much for now… Tell me one thing that has taken you by surprise lately in the comments. Until next month – certainly you can stop by in-between as well.



5 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | AUGUST 2020

  1. I’m glad you were able to clear a little time to come to the coffee date. :) That sounds like a really cool project. I love getting to explore new places and learn about industries that I’m not familiar with. I live in the middle of a mountain, so lots of forests and LOTS of insects. I’m allergic to bees/wasps, so when I see them, I head indoors right away. What a nice vacation. Sometimes, it’s lovely just to stay home instead of doing the tourist thing. I’m glad you got a little time away. I am reading a lot of newly-published or soon-to-be-published books from the publishing houses I review for. Some are good, some not so good. I will eat mushrooms occasionally. I am very much a texture person, so I have to be in the mood for the texture of mushrooms. I’ve only been mushroom hunting once, a very long time ago, and it was fun. I know exactly how you feel about wearing shorts in public. I’ve gone through phases like that and I’m proud of you for wearing them out this summer. One thing I’ve been surprised about is how much of my education I’ve forgotten. I was helping my nephew with some school work to get him ready for the school season and was shocked because I didn’t remember much of it. Tobia, I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you next time! <3
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  2. I am so glad to hear that you got to enjoy a little mini vacation.
    I am a little bit torn about people going on vacation amidst a pandemic, but a visit at your family country home is a different thing.

    We’re lucky that we don’t really have many bugs here in California. We get the occasional (small) spider or mosquito indoors, but ti’s been very rare this summer.

    1. Yes I totally relate – I can not understand why everyone needs to travel far for vacation and bring back the virus. It is really bugging me… of course I would also like to sit by the ocean and calm my mind but to what cost? I am happy you are not suffering from insects.

  3. Your little mini vacation sounds great. And I totally understand hangups about certain clothes. They might seem silly, but they are usually rooted in some sort of bad memory and it can take months and years to get over them.

    I am so glad you’re enjoying the freelance life. I used to detest change, but in the last couple of months, I am being forced to accept some changes in my life, and it does not seem to be so bad after all. I still can’t deal with massive, impulsive changes, but if I have some time – even just a day or two – to get used to the new idea/plan, I find myself more accepting of it!

    1. That little vacation was so great. I could already do another one.
      I guess if change isn’t totally necessary and your are not fond of it it’s not something to force. But every once in a while we are pushed to change by outer circumstances. It’s good that you know you’ll need 2/3 days to handle it. I personally don’t mind changes too much for me it’s more the comfort and laziness thing I guess.

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