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And just like that we are in the middle of July. And the second half of this year 2020. Should we do a re-start for this year? I mean we all kinda wouldn’t mind, right? Well let’s sit down on my little balcony and chat a bit how our life has been. Thanks to Lecy the date is a fixture in this crazy period of time.

If we met for coffee…
lets talk about dreams. Do you have many dreams? Do you dream every night? Can you remember your dreams? I have phases were I dream intensively and than nights where I am just knocked out and all is black. But when I dream it’s often not very peaceful. Just this morning I told Mr ♡ that I can’t remember having happy dreams. Mine are always action ladden and adrenaline induced. Very exhausting.

If we met for coffee…
I tell you all about my new project in Hamburg. It’s located in the old warehouse district in Hamburg which is just beautiful with its red brick building – specially when the sun sets. The client is dealing in port logistics and has been for the past 135 years. I am really looking forward learning a whole lot of this new world and also seeing a bit more of Hamburg. Projects and new worlds like this is what I love about freelancing. And I am especially grateful with this year’s craziness and uncertainty.

If we met for coffee…
I would like to know if you have seasonal dishes? Is there something you only prepare during the month of summer/winter? Or is there a dish you always make when you feel under the weather? I recently remembered a dish my mom used to make and if you like sweet things you might like my Saxonian Quarkkeulen too. My favorite summer dish is forever and always Schmorgurken and it’s about time I make it before summer is over again.

If we met for coffee…
I’d ask if you regularly donate money to a good cause. I usually only do so when visiting church through the offertory. But I just realized that Amazon has a programm where a percentage of your purchases is being donated. I have to admit I am a fond user of amazon and I have never took the time to look into it. But today I did and put a bookmark on my computer. Now I just gonna use it.

If we met for coffee…
we also need to talk about goals. I just wrote my annual check-in for the 101-in-1000 days project. It crazy that I have already worked on it for a year. I thought I did pretty good so far but breaking it down… well read for yourself. Now have you ever attempted such a long-lasting project? Or do you keep a bucket list? I’d really like to know.

If we met for coffee…
we can’t leave without talking about books. I need to tell you about this challenge I participate in. It’s called #dickebüchercamp meaning to read only books over 500+ pages for July and August. I have already finished two books so far. I love huge epic stories and realized quiet a few I own are epic and long. What’s your preferred length of books?

Now it’s time for me to get a few things done. I have plans for the weekend of spending in the country home of my family. I still need to pack and plan the projects I want to do there. So we quickly wave good by and agree to meet next month.

Happy weekend and make sure to have more coffee chats over at Lecy


8 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | JULY 2020

  1. I would vote in favor of a restart, for sure. I have very vivid dreams, when I do dream. Other times, I’m a restless sleeper. My family enjoys certain dishes seasonally, but if I’m in the mood to eat it, I’ll make it. I do have a few organizations that I donate financially and with my time. I do like the feature to donate through Amazon. That’s an easy way to give money while you shop. I just finished my 100 days project and it’s the first year I’ve completed the whole project. I am already thinking about what I can do next year. Good for you on finishing some long books this month! I am not patient when it comes to books. I prefer reading ones that are in the 200-300ish range. Tobia, I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you next time! <3
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 49My Profile

    1. Congrats on finishing the 100 day project. Mine was again cut short. I fell into a slump and didn’t feel like doing daily creative things. However I plan on crossing of a few more projects on my list this year. I actually realized I not like smaller books that much. All the ones that are kept in my book shelve are rather long…

  2. I’d almost be up for a restart of the year, except I’m so close to having my baby now! I actually had quite a few dreams that my baby was going to be a boy, so it was a little strange when the ultrasound confirmed that I was right. I dream most nights but usually forget them pretty quickly after I wake up. As we’re in winter, I’ve been cooking lots of roast meat and veggies, and plenty of soups. I also love reading long epic books. My favourite series of long books is the Outlander saga, with nothing under 800 pages. Unfortunately, my current stage of life means I don’t have as much time for reading, so I take ages to finish them! Lovely to have coffee with you today, Tobia!

    1. Having the baby on the horizon I’d agree rethinking the restart. Wow that’s pretty amazing dreaming about getting a boy and then having it confirmed. I love
      Soups and would definitely get behind that. You’ve mentioned the outlanders series a few time maybe I should have a closer look.

  3. I love books. When I am not in school (which seems like its been the last 5 years or so…) I generally read like 400-500 books depending on the season I am in. Some are great and I just pound out like whole series in a weekend. I did that with hunger games and the divergent series. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the 50 shades ones too because hello you can only read about that stuff for so long before mostly skimming those scenes if you catch my drift. I am not sure I have dove into a 500+ page book for awhile. Actually the last I read was the Encyclopedia of Counseling which helped me with my test to be licensed. Its 740 pages and I had to know all that info for the 4 hour test. Go me. Lol. Which books have you read sofar.
    I am a huge goal nerd. I use the passion planner and it does yearly goals at the start (which I am terrible about) and it has monthly and a 6 month check in. Granted I am pretty terrible about their bubble cluster method they present because it looks too much like the Jane Shaffer method that haunts me from high school. But I do love goals, a good check off list, and most of all–crossing things off that list.
    B OLSON recently posted…Coffee Date 27My Profile

    1. Yes yes yes to reading long books and I can totally get behind flying through whole series. Everything else becomes meaningless. I don’t think scientific literature though can be counted. I at least can never read them quickly. Those take forever. I love goals myself too. I have been bad with my check ins too. I guess there is a time for everything. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’d be up for a restart as well. I mean, I have come to appreciate a few things that came with the whole Corona thing… but overall, this year has been a sh*tshow, to be honest, and I can’t wait for November, 3 (everyone knows why).

    I definitely can think of a few dishes that I’d only eat in a particular season. I think it has to do that growing up in Germany, we’re much more accustomed to eat seasonal foods than here in the US. e.g. my Mom would always make “string bean soup” in the summer and “barley soup” in the winter.

    1. Oh yes soups are definitely a seasonal thing. I love that I grew up like that. I never thought about it being “more” German but you could be right. Besides pumpkins I can’t really think of American seasonal food.
      Also I am hoping and praying that there will be change coming November.

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