I can not believe this first months of the year has already passed us by. It feels like so much has already happened and then at the same time motivation is a bit tough to get rolling. So I am more than happy that we sit down again for our monthly coffee date Lecy is hosting and chat a little of what has been going on.

If you and I had coffee…
first off I’d like to know how you start into the new year has been like. How have you celebrated the holidays and how did you welcome 2020? I am not a big fan of New Years Eve so as always we have holed up in the apartment and watched some movies, read, played games and I made a meat loaf for dinner. Around midnight we peeked out the window and listened to a bit of music and then I went to bed.

If you and I had coffee…
I would have to share the story of our stolen tires right before Christmas. I was almost on my way to get a tree (December 23rd) when the police rang at our door to let us know that our car was stripped of all tires. Really not what you want right before leaving for the holidays. It took us all day and Christmas Eve morning to do calls, paper work and handling tow trucks and garage services but then we had the car off the street, a rental care and were off on our way to spend the holidays with my parents. It wasn’t the relaxed start we’d hope for.

If you and I had coffee…
I wondered if you have set yourself a reading goal? I can proudly say I have done it again and I am quite motivated. It’s the highest goal I’ve ever set (53 books) but I am confident to achieve it. I also wrote another list of books I want to read in 2020.

If you and I had coffee…
I’d ask if you have a favorite actor. I don’t really have one but I really like Will Smith. So it comes as no surprise that I was actually planning on seeing Bad Boys III right when it came out. I haven’t been to the movie theater in years. It’s usually so much more comfortable just watching through Netflix but it was a date night and it was fun doing something and being out together. And the movie was good too. Did you see it?

If you and I had coffee…
want to hear if you ever went on a blind date with someone you met online. And I don’t really mean a romantic date. More like a coffee date with friends you made online? I recently have developed more courage to just reach out in conversation letting people know I’d be happy to meet up for coffee and it really is fun. Just this week I met another girl I met through Instagram and we had tea and matcha cake and we talked for almost three hours. And Hopefully next week I meet up with a Silvie again for another photo outing around the neighborhood. If you have never done anything like it I can only encourage. Maybe you might also like to check out this post about “networking” there might be some helpful tips.

If you and I had coffee…
I want to let you know that I have been able to work towards one of my 101 goals (to be precise #12). I set up an account on a platform to sell some of my photography. This might not be the best platform as I realized later on but you gotta start somewhere. So glad my word of the year is starting out promising.

Now it’s getting late and we need to wrap it up. We’ll see each other soon again as I try to keep in touch more regularly and not be so behind all the time.

Have a wonderful new week


5 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | January 2020

  1. I’m like you – I’d prefer to be an introvert on New Year’s Eve. I spent the night with family, playing board games and reading. That’s horrible that your tires were stolen! I’m glad that you were able to get everything arranged and not miss out on your family holiday. I have set a reading goal but might need to increase it because I’m doing a lot of reading this year. I find that I’m turning to books more than movies or television – which is fine with me. Will Smith is a great actor and very funny. I usually wait until new movies are released and rent them on tv or wait until they hit Netflix. I’m not a big fan of movie theaters. I actually have met some friends that I made online, about fifteen years ago and we are great friends to this day. There are a few dating apps that have a section dedicated to making new friends (non-romantic) but I have never tried them. I think it’s a great way to connect with new people who share interests. How fun that you’ve set up a site to sell your photography. I agree, you have to start somewhere. Hope you have good luck with that! I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you next time, friend! <3
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 43My Profile

    1. I’ve already made a lot of reading progress myself and thinking about upgrading my reading goal. I am glad I’m not the only one being an introvert on New Year’s Eve. And I usually also wait for movies to come to Netflix but it was nice to mix it up for a change. Always enjoying our coffee date so I am looking forward to next month.

  2. I cannot believe someone stripped your car off all four tires! That’s like a thing that happens in the movies but not to someone I know. SMH.

  3. Hello Tobia,
    I have celebrated this New Years’ Eve by watching movies on Netflix and obviously with several hot cups of cappuccino as I am a huge coffee drinker. Yes; I like Will Smith and I saw one of his movie named “I am Legend” several times but I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence, I have watched almost all of her movies & I love to watch “House at the end of the street” again & again.

    I liked one of your’s thing that you set up a site to sell your photograph! what about those photographs? Have you sold yet?
    Gazi I BestProductsHouse recently posted…How to make bulletproof coffee at home (best ways)My Profile

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