Fall is most definitely here. I can not only tell by cooler temperatures but also in my increase of consumed hot beverages. Double cup of coffee in the mornings followed by many cups of tea. So it’s the perfect time to meet up for coffee and have a chat.

If you and I were sipping coffee I’d…
tell you all about my recent trip to Venice. It was my birthday present for Mr. ♡ birthday and I am so glad this city has been on his travel list. It is gorgeous and I immediately fell in love. Every corner is so photogenic and I had a hard time not making this into a photo trip. I think I need to come back with more time and plans. Are you interested in me sharing a separate post?

If you and I were sipping coffee I’d…
wonder what you think of this thought my dad recently shared with me.
He believes that within the next 50 years books will be one of the great investments and take over gold and silver. Books are currently not on demand and e-books are the go to. So in a couple of years when resources are even tighter than today books are no longer a production priority and will become more expensive. This did make me think as I am currently in the habit to sell and donate all books and only keep very special ones. But I fear he might be close to the truth. What do you think?

If you and I were sipping coffee I’d…
ask if you are also cultivating the habit of keeping seasonal bucket lists. And then I would share my fall bucket list with you. I like having those three months lists. Often times I have so many plans but kinda loose track. With those lists I keep myself accountable.

If you and I were sipping coffee I’d…
share that I have recently landed a new freelance project which will be lasting until end of February. I am really excited for that opportunity and look forward starting on October 17th. It will be a great learning experience and perfect for the portfolio I am building. I’d also share that it seems like that now that I am busy again with work a lot more projects are finding the way to me which I now have to decline. Why is it always like that?

If you and I were sipping coffee I’d…
admit that it’s been almost a year last time I went to a hairdresser. But I finally managed yesterday. I always have a hard time telling them what I want because all the looks and hair colors I’d want seem never to work out because my hair is just weird. I would prefer if they had some suggestions and not be scared. I usually tell them I am flexible and open for trying stuff but most likely they will end up suggesting some blond shade and a layered cut. I wonder if they don’t believe in my offer to go crazy or if nothing else look good with my face. What are your hairdresser stories and routines? I’d really love to hear more.

If you and I were sipping coffee I’d…
seek your advice in how to improve my writing skills. I have this urge to get better and enhance the way I write. I’ve read a couple books about storytelling and writing but for some reason it didn’t really do much. Most of the tips I have heard before it’s more like how could I implement when writing and how would I know if it gotten any better?

Now that we have chatting and sipped our coffee I’d suggest we get another cup to go and walk around the park a bit. The light is always so magical this time of year when it dances in the foliage of the colorful trees. And while we stroll I would listen to all the things happening lately in your life. When we part ways we still have lots to talk about so we agree to meet next month.


This is a monthly get-together hosted by Lecy. Go read others chats.


  1. I love the concept of this blog series; it’s so original and fun. I enjoyed reading your life updates too. Your Dad’s idea of books becoming more expensive and precious is lovely and made me think. I have very long, light brown hair, which needs a trim. I’ve had it dyed in the past, but these days I just keep its natural colour. I would love to see a photo diary of your trip to Venice or anything related to your love of the city, glad you had such a nice time! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes its a fun series but not my idea I just join every month. I would love not to dye my hair unfortunately its not the greatest natural color. I might do a little photo post for Venice. Thats a good idea. Thank you for stopping by

  2. How fun that you got to visit Venice! That’s one place that is very high on my bucket list. I like your dad’s thoughts on books. I think they will be more valuable, especially since so many people use ebooks and audiobooks these days. I love the idea of seasonal bucket lists, but struggle to remember them after a few weeks. Congrats on the new freelance project! I’m so excited for you. Like you, I haven’t gotten to the hairdresser in a long time. My hair is long, very thick, and curly, so I don’t trust just anyone to cut and style it. I’d look like a poodle if I did! I think the best way to improve your writing is to connect with the people whose writing inspires you. A lot of people would recommend courses or books, but seeing how other people do it and being inspired by them is what always works for me. It’s what has given me the courage to find my own writing voice. Tobia, I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you next time! <3
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 40My Profile

    1. I hope you get the chance to see Venice. It is a place I have not seen anywhere else. Very charming and whimsical. I also keep forgetting what’s on my bucket list but I actually find it quite helpful to check my own blogposts and remind myself. Otherwise I wouldn’t be good in crossing things of either. Thank you for your writing tips. I need to find more likeminded people to interact, support and learn from. One goal for 2019 but not sure if I will be able to cross that of. Thank you for stopping by. Always appreciated.

  3. I hope your Dad is right! I love books and can never walk past a bookshop :)
    Visiting Venice must have been amazing – what a stunning birthday present!

    I always procrastinate going the to the hairdresser. I don’t enjoy it to be honest. I’ve had some really rude hairdressers over the years that just want to sell their products and if I’m there for a trim then they point out my roots. If I’m there for highlights they point out my split ends. I stopped going to a salon a few years ago – the staff were just so extremely rude. I just had highlights a few weeks ago and this will last me months. I have a favourite hairdresser and salon outside of Cape Town and might just save all haircuts and highlights for when I travel there!

    1. Oh yes I hear you on the „just wanting to sell their stuff.” I had a hairdresser wanting to sell me extensions – never listened what I was there for…
      Venice was amazing if you ever get the chance go there.

  4. Oh I’d love to visit Venice one day! I hope you do share some of your photos. That’s a very interesting thought about books becoming a luxury item. I have had that thought before and it could happen, although probably not for a while. I was inspired by you to write a spring bucket list and so far I’ve ticked off a few things but not all yet. Congratulations on your new work contract, I hope you’re able to strike a good balance of busyness and rest. Lovely to have coffee with you, Tobia!

    1. That’s wonderful that you already were able to cross a few things of your bucketlist. I just might show you around Venice a bit. Thanks so much for joining the coffee date.

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