How I’ve been looking forward to our monthly coffee date. I really enjoy our chats and I want to dive right in.

I want to…
meet up in a co-working space where I recently did get quite a bit of work done. I’ll grab us a cup of coffee and would want to know where you get your best work done. Does it need to be buzzing or rather quiet? I usually like my home office but every once in a while I need a change of scenery.

I want to…
know if you have also been so terrible tired lately? I’ve such a hard time focusing and concentrating even though my schedule is quite packed.

I want to…
tell you about all the exciting things on my spring bucket list. Do you have anything fun planned?

I also want to…
share my enthusiasm about this years #100dayproject. I decided to do a photography themed one. Oh boy does it challenge me. But it did push me to try new things, keep my eyes open and get to know my equipment better. Also I spent about 30-90 min daily on it. That’s a lot. How is your project going?

I want to…
tell you about my writing pen pal. My niece and god child – not yet in school yet – started writing me letters. Of course I reply. And so we started a little back and forth correspondence. It is really fun. It was her birthday yesterday and we chatted on the phone for a bit about books and cakes. Made my day.

I want to…
know if you remember the book I talked about last time? I finally finished it and had a lot of thoughts about it. I did write a blogpost about it and the main questions I have for you is: “How would you act if you are forgettable?” A question that’s been on my mind while reading the book and something I would really like an opinion on. Also did you read “The Sudden Appearance of Hope” yet?.

In the end I want to…
hear what your plans for Easter are going to be? I am not sure yet but I believe we will visit my family for lunch and “Plinse” (a regional dish aka yeast pancakes eaten over coffee in the afternoon). It’s a bit much currently but I would be able to meet my sister boyfriend and I am excited and curious.

How time flies when having fun. Will I see you next month for our coffee date? For now I head over to Lecy to see how she is doing. Also I will stop by at Denise.

Happy weekend to you



  1. I always enjoy these posts. How lovely that you have a home office.

    I’ve heard about co-working space. Is it like here – a large office which people can rent space in (a desk, meeting rooms etc)?

    I love a book that stays with you after you’ve finished it. I guess that is why I get book hangovers.

    You mentioned being tired and yes I can relate! I’ve had the worst week of sleep and don’t know what started it. So annoying starting the next day with no energy. I’m going to try a herbal tea if I don’t get a good nights sleep soon.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for popping by on my blog :)
    Anthea recently posted…Hello Friday!My Profile

    1. It’s not a real co-working space. More like an open area with adjacent coffee store and you can chill and work there with free wifi. So No cost at all. Ive not yet worked in one of the real-desk-renting co-working spaces.
      I hear you about the bad nights rest – the worst. I envy people who sleep deeply mo matter what.
      Thank you for stopping by Anthea

  2. I need a good co-working space in my town! I feel like I would be able to get so much done. I’m excited about your photography challenge. Sounds like you will have a fun Easter with your family. I always enjoy learning about the traditions others keep for holidays like this. Plinse sounds amazing. I might have to try to find a recipe for that. Thanks for joining the coffee date this month, Tobia! Hope to see you next time!
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 34My Profile

    1. Yes it works wonder surrounding yourself with people who work. Procrastination is not an option then. I might ask my mom for a Plinse recipe and share it one of those days. Even though I am not the biggest fan. But it is very regional from where I grew up. And I also love hearing about family tradiotions. I had a whole post about traditions a while back if you are interested.

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