Wochen(glück)-Rückblick :: my happiness review #11

This week has been busy. Lots of errands to run, finishing up the workload at my day job for the year and meeting people for Christmas party and stuff.

I have not one single Christmas present…. slight panic attack over here. Hope you are less busy.

But with all that I still had at least one happy moment every day when opening my advent calendar the drama queen organized.


Have a look what I found this week within my little paper bags:blogger adventskalender#8 Sarah made us a ring with a whimsical deer ring I wore right that day; #9 Anne made a delicate ornament; #10 Barbara blew me away with her take on christmas tree candle holders; #11 Anna really carved 23 stamps, can you believe?; #12 Guido got all manned up and experimented with glitter for guys; #13 Kerstin gave us a potpourri of fun, just like her blog

Well that does make happy.

I also mentioned I’ve been to the Christmas market. Haven’t been there in maybe 10 years? It’s not so bad after all and the food is just great. So I guess I could go again. I also discovered my new favorite drink for the season. It’s basically just a new take on my loved hot apple cider. Just add amaretto. How cool is that?

How has your week been? Hopefully happy. As always head over to Denise for more happiness.

Cheers, Tobia

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