And just like this March crept up on us. Seriously I feel like I am still recovering from Christmas break and here we are heading straight for Easter.

Last month’s plan was to write three blog post. I only managed two but those were fun: the annual Finnish recipe and a fun play along.

This past week was a bit bumpy at work but really relaxed on the personal front.

winter happens Berlin blue sky tv tower

I was really happy with the temperatures. Freakin cold and clear blue skies. It just makes my heart sing. When I step outside I can’t wipe that smile off of my face. Anyone else feeling this energetic and alive?

Another happy thing happened: I finished my first book in 2018. Ken Follets “Column of Fire” * a 900+ page book I started only on Saturday afternoon. As you can imagine not much else happened. While it wasn’t the best in the Kingsbridge Saga it was still one the better books of late and something I can recommend.

Since February I receive a newsletter that is a bit different. For March a mindfulness calendar was sent to me with daily tips on how to be more mindful and therefore increase happiness. I really like those daily props. Here is the link so you can join in.

Now I am looking forward spending a relaxed weekend with Mr. 🖤 a few home approvements and some crafting and if time allows I really want to go ice skating. But first I enjoy my coffee and take a tour reading blogs, starting at Denise.

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Saturday,

  • Amazon affiliate link: if you click and buy I get a small fee and can buy my next book.



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