10 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Only a few more days until Christmas. Are you all done on your shopping list? Or did you plan on doing lots of handmade gifts this year? If so you might enjoy my round-up of last minute DIY Christmas gifts (click on the pictures for the full post and tutorial).

1. Homemade Tea

I am a big sucker for chai teas. Mostly they are way too sweet for my taste. You are with me? Make your own.homemade gift chai tea

But then on the other hand there is nothing better than a hot cup of green tea for breakfast, no?

gift idea homade vanilla green tea


2. Baking goods

Do you love baking? Do you have friends who love baking? Why not make them a little baking kit with lots of supplies?

baking gifts


3. Star Hair Accessory 

Making hair accessories is actually quite simple. Here is a sparkling one.

sparkling hair accessory


4. Tea Cup Cozies

Just a fun litte way to spruce up a cup. Perfect for any home lover and foodie.

gift idea cozies

5. Velvet Bracelets

Too lazy to be doing your DIY. How about buying DIY like those gorgeous holiday bracelets.

bow bracelet in shop

6. Homemade Candles

If this isn’t the season for candles I don’t know. How about making your own and being creative in form and smell and look?

homemade candles

7. Hand Stamped Napkins

During holidays we get all fancy and in my house it’s all about cloth napkins to get this festive feel. Here is how I made my dad some for last Christmas.

gift idea hand stamped napkin

8. Colorful T-Shirt

It looks a bit summery but this tutorial also works on sweaters. Maybe with a reindeer? (only in German)

gift idea shirt

9.  Cake Pop Ttuffles

For people who have everything it can be so complicated to find a gift. Or maybe you just need a little hostess gift for the Christmas party? Well here you go. (only in German)

p23_cake pop praline_b4

10. Fabric covered Bracelet

A girl can never have enough bracelets, right? And specially when they are made of fabric or leather matching the favorite shirt!

DIY fabric covered bracelets

Well so much for the round-up. Now its your turn the get started. Will you share if you do a project? I would love to see your version.

Happy crafting,


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