April Reflections and May Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Maybe today isn’t the best day to write my April reflections and May intentions after having a crappy day yesterday. But then, what if it is the perfect day? What if, picking yourself up and starting out again is actually the biggest achievement we can do. Not only at the beginning of the month but daily.

As alway here is a quote that hit close to the heart in April.

We always think there’s enough time to do things with other people. Time to say things to them. And then something happens and then we stand there holding on to words like ‘if’.

Fredrik Backman, quote from A Man Called Ove

APRIL Reflections

Reflecting on my set intentions

  • I will complete the Apple Watch challenge for this month by reaching a certain training minutes. Hopefully some will be made by hula hooping.
    This is really frustrating. I didn’t get it done. I missed it by 63 minutes. I had all the good intentions set to do my work on April 30th but than all things went wrong, and time just slipped through my fingers, I felt bad and argh… So what does it tell me? Better work on goals a little daily instead of trying to beat a (self set) deadline. Not things I haven’t heard before but that I obviously need to keep reminding myself.
  • I will work on my self confidence by doing some of the exercises I have collected.
    I have not done any of the exercises I had collected. However I watched a webinar on posture for females in business. Unfortunately it was very dated, very stereotypical and not at all empowering women more like how to play by current rules. I think it missed the point.
  • I will cultivate my eating habits and will eat at the table at least 5 times
    This one is a check. We had Easter brunch at the dining table and then I spend 5 days in the country home and I always sat down to eat at the table with no tv running.
  • I will pick up Spanish again.
    I started doing a few lessons. Unfortunately I am so bad that my hearts ( I use Duolingo) are always low after one lesson and then I can’t keep going. But at least I did start it again.
  • I will continue my Sunday Spa days with a bath and some face masks and maybe a new homemade haircut.
    I can report that this is a win. I have been waking up Sunday mornings already looking forward to my 2 hour bath at night. I have done face mask too. However I didn’t get a hair cut. I guess it really doesn’t matter since I only ever wear my hair in a messy bun.

The mind is a funny thing. I didn’t accomplish my fitness goal and my brain told me I am a total failure and I can’t get anything done. Not true as I crossed of the other 4 intentions I had. Of course you can always do more and probably more perfect but I did do it. So why not appreciate it. Why does one failed thing is spoiling it all. I guess a bit more grace would do wonders here…

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE

Things I did and file under the category “living up to my Word of the year”

  • I have sent our three birthday letters. Other than that I wasn’t feeling the letter writing game.
  • Also I made the effort to comment on blogs and on Instagram more.
  • I have smiled to a quirky girl while waiting at the cashier.
  • Also I was patient when the system broke down and everyone was spreading bad vibes. I intentionally decided to be nice and not add to the hectic and frenzy.
  • I also sent off some prayers for people in need and also for things on my mind.
  • I sowed some cornflowers on the cemetery for everyone to enjoy.
  • I enjoyed a day with only things I wanted to do.
  • Enjoying a moment in the sun on my balcony.
  • Allowed the repair guy to use my bathroom even though I had to disinfect everything afterwards – thanks Corona.
  • And then I was intentionally being (more) friendly towards people buying something on ebay from me.

MAY Intentions

Let’s see what I will intentionally set out to do in May.

  • I will intentionally check and correct my posture and stand up tall.
  • I will cook two new meals from recipes from cookbooks I own. Baking doesn’t count.
  • I will do one Spanish lesson a day. Even better if I manage 30 experience points.
  • I will look into crowdfunding campaigns to support.
  • I will dance when I feel low, anxious or unmotivated.

I hope I will be able to move forward on some of those intentions. This month I actually had a few more I wanted to add to the list but I know it will overwhelm me or the time is just not available at the moment. And I really don’t need to feel bad for not making it. So this is it. My five intentions.

Enjoy your May


2 thoughts on “April Reflections and May Intentions

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, friend, if you didn’t completely hit your goal (e.g. for the Apple Challenge)… the fact that you set a goal and worked towards it is a huge accomplishment in itself ;)

    I also love how you incorporated your word of the year, GRACE, into your month. Well done.

    1. Thank you San. It’s easy to get carried away with bad thoughts specifically over sie many month in lockdown. And thank you – it’s a good practice to keep track on how to incorporate the word.

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