Corona Diaries – Month 13

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So here we are. Already four weeks into the second year of the pandemic. This is crazy. Back in March 2020 I knew it will not be over in a few weeks. And compared to others around me I knew that no vacation should be booked anytime soon. However I have to admit I thought we are handling things better by now. While I do not want to have the responsibility of any of our politicians and am usually supportive in their general role of running a country I am admitting I having some doubt as why we are not further along in certain things. As I have already concluded in my master thesis many moons ago – in times of crises too many opinions are not helpful. For documentation reason and because maybe in five or ten years times this is all funny or we feel heroic having survived the pandemic, let’s keep the corona diaries going. Here is to month 13.

Number of days at home? Current situation.

Who is counting? We are more or less staying home and only running necessary errands like grocery shopping, the occasional stop at the drugstore or the post office. Other than that some walks in the park or the cemetery. The other day we went for a 1hour walk at a lake but we drove to a more secluded one to not meet half of Berlin. Still in home office all day every day.

Last time I have met my best friend was December on her patio with 3 meter distance between us and only as long as we could stand being out in the cold – so maybe 20 minutes. I have seen my mom a few days before Christmas and my dad for a drop of in the parking lot in January. Since then no one.

How is the political situation?

I do not know. I am not really keeping up. Since all the (pseudo) lockdowns are going on with ever changing number of how many households with whatever number of people may meet. Well, we do not meet anyone so it really is obsolete trying to keep on track.

At least the vaccinations are moving – even though slowly – forward. My mom has been getting her first shot. My dad hasn’t heard anything even though he should be in the risk group. The husband – also in the risk group – has an appointment in June. So you can probably figure out when I am going to get vaccinated. If it happens this year I may start a victory dance.

One new thing now is that you get two free-of charge tests per week by the government. I still haven’t done one in 13 months – staying away from people, you know. But then I hear from people around me saying things like “I go get tested and then I can do this or that”. “If my test is negative I’ll meet with whoever”. “Its free so I get tested…” This makes me shake my had with disbelief. Getting tested is not a hall pass.

How is the work situation?

Nothing much has changed. My contract was extended to end of June and I was even offered a permanent position there. I have mentioned my thoughts about it previously. My other client has also extended the contract until end of the year even through with a bit of reduced hours. And my third clients has been my steady fun client for the past 2 years.

I am really fortunate and I am thankful for still having enough work.

How is the mood?

Annoyed, indifferent, tired, bored… Really can’t pin-point. Some days are good. Some days are fun. Some days are stressful. And somedays are just exhausting.

I have some people around me traveling, trying to meet and things like that. Disappointed but no energy to argue. Did you have a look at the statistics lately? It is worth then last year this time when we were all barricading ourselves at home and many walked around in gloves. Is being tired of the situation really frying brain cells? Or is it the human survival mode kicking in and just suppressing everything unless you yourself are affected. I do not know. The husband keeps saying most people are dumb. He may be onto something. I personally believe most people are egoistic.

Any favorite moments?

  • a lovely evening walk on our anniversary
  • Facetime calls with my best friend
  • Facetime couple night with our other friends – had to postpone our January Burger Tradtion
  • Baking new recipes
  • Finally installing book shelves in my craft lab
  • New living room furniture
  • A walk at the lake and instant happiness floods

What was the worst moment?

Hearing that some people are flying to islands because “I need a vacation”. We all do you – just so you know. Also second Easter alone in Berlin. A shopping errand at the worst time when all the elderly where in the store – they really can’t grab what is going on. Maybe they can’t be blamed. But dripping noses on food is even without a pandemic a disgusting thing. Calling the doctor asking for a vaccine appointment just to being told I may call back in 8 weeks.

What is stressful right now?

Feeling like the only person still taking this serious. Still staying at home. Still saying we are not meeting.

Any makes/DIYs this month?

Here is a list of things I did and consider creative

  • baked my first ever banana bread – yes I hold of for the one year pandemic anniversary
  • doing the 100 day project
  • experimenting with some baking recipes
  • more Easter egg craft
  • flower arrangements

What’s for lunch/dinner?

More cooking, more ordering in

  • his: fish fingers | her: salmon with mashed potatoes and cucumbers
  • grilled cheese sandwiches – a lot of them
  • burgers and fries (some with vegan alternatives)
  • omelette
  • pasta with pesto – many times
  • Hot Dogs
  • potato casserole with vegan ground beef
  • Saxionian Quarkkeulchen
  • Asian Take out
  • Döner
  • Vegan Schnitzel with potatoes and peas
  • his: grilled chicken with peas and carrots | her: lamb with green beans and potatoes gratin
  • Salads in different variations

And here was the previous corona diaries. How many more will there be?

Take care and stay safe


4 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 13

  1. Wow, your lockdown is quite serious. Although we had a stay-at-home order for several weeks, we gradually opened up and pulled back when necessary. Thankfully, we are open 100% throughout our state and our numbers continue to decline. I actually, help with number reporting and it’s so good to see that happen. The vaccine numbers are going up and giving us the confidence to see those things happen simutaneously. I hope your situation improves!

    1. It is so good that you are back to a somewhat normal life. Things have been opening up last summer but then came the second wave and now we are into the thrid apparently not getting a grip. I can understand how good it is to see the numbers declining and specially when you are tracking and working with it.

  2. I feel you, Tobia. It seems like Jon and I have been taking this pandemic WAY more seriously than other people and it’s frustrating to hear excuses like “I need a vacation” or “I got tested so I can do XYZ”… this is why we’re still where we’re at (in Germany and here in the US, too, although I will say that ever since Biden took office, at least the vaccine rollout goes smoothly and we’re on a better path to normalcy… although the CDC and doctors still ask everyone to stay cautious. Jon and I will be fully vaccinated in 3 weeks and while this gives me some relief, we won’t be traveling or anything like that anytime soon… not before the numbers come down.)

    Hang in there, friend.

    1. Thank you San. I know you’ve been very careful too and it is good to hear that we are not alone in it. But there are days when it is a bit exhausting. Good thing though my dad got his first vaccination yesterday and the husband will get his today. This is a relief. Congrats on you being fully vaccinated in 3 weeks. So good.

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