A new start – 101 things to tackle in 1000 days

101 things in 100 days project zero

I remember the first time I sat down to write down 101 things to achieve in the following 1000 days. When I started out in summer 2019 a pandemic was the last thing I had on mind in terms of obstacles that kept me from achieving what I had set out to do. So a lot of my goals where just im possible to reach. But that did not discourage me. The opposite. And so I have compiled a new list of 101 things to tackle 1000 days.

Not being an amateur in compiling this sort of list I only needed about a week to come up with my goals. The first time around I needed 6 weeks to decide what was worth pursuing in this a challenge.


Summer Breakfast – Sweet Blueberry Quark

summer breakfast blueberry quark curd

It’s been a while since I shared a recipe. Lately I have re-discovered this dish. Actually I had exactly two ingredients that need to be eaten: quark and blueberries. And ever since this summer breakfast is on the plate a lot. Back in the day of my childhood when we went to summer camp or any other bigger gatherings where lots of mouths need to be fed this was a dish almost always on the menu. Traditionally made with preserved morello cherries. It was usually served as a dessert after lunch. But the quark is really filling and so I often eat it for breakfast. As I said, I rediscovered and its been on my plate a lot lately. Also you can never eat too many blueberries. Am I right?


Book Talk June & July 2022 – What I read

stack of books I read in June July

I’ve missed out on sharing my book reads in June so get yourself some iced latte and some time. I am back to reading and I have a piled up a few books I want to share today. My Book Talk June & July is filled with lots of four star reads. Apparently I’ve been having a good nose when it comes to picking books lately. Such a great feeling. A bad book really can put a slow to the reading pace, doesn’t it?


July Celebrations – Monthly Recap

celebrating January craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Last day of July. Tell me, where does time go these days? I know I am repeating myself when I say time flies but it really does. All being sucked into the handling of to-do lists and adulting and not much time spent into living. At least, that is what it currently feels like for me. Today I have a migraine again and I am exhausted. July has again been spend more hours in bed with drawn curtains and pain then I wished for.

But I really do not want to complain. I want to celebrate the moments that are fun. That are fulfilling. That are being lived. So let’s see what that was in July.