May Books – What I read

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It was almost to be accepted that after having a good reading month in April that May wouldn’t be so glorious. I have started a few books which I abandoned after a few pages because they were either so boring or just written poorly. Or maybe I just wasn’t feeling them. I also struggled with one book I was really looking forward to read and that just didn’t do it for me. I don’t know I guess that happens. Still I was able to finish six books.


Gathering herbs and wild remedies – Getting started

Gathering herbs and wild remedies cover Heilende Wildkräuter Rosalee de la Foret Emily Han

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Are you a tea drinker? If so what is your favorite kind? I love my earl grey in the morning followed by a cup of green tea. Later in the afternoon and the evening I switch to herb teas. And of course I always battle a cold with herbal tea. November 2019 I received a package from my godmother with her bags of homemade herbal tea. When I visited her a few weeks earlier we had been talking about gathering herbs and plants to make tea. While of course I knew about using mint leaves for tea and even had gathered thyme in the mountains during hikes inn my childhood, I never really thought about making my own blend. Spoiler: I have found new hobby in gathering herbs and wild remedies.


Corona Diaries – Month 14

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The calendar says we are in May 2021. We are still in the pandemic. And while here in Germany things are finally looking up a bit there are other parts of the world that are diving deeper in. Having another wave to battle. I am not sure I long I will keep going with this series. For today though I feel there is a bit of progress to report and so here it is the Corona dairies – month 14.


Currently in May

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May is here and somehow that makes me quite happy. May is a nice months. Don’t you agree. I have a few intentions for May. Today though, let’s celebrate May by writing a Currently in May post for Anne’s monthly blog meet up.

The husband as discovered the best ice cream ever call Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. It is really this good. I can’t quite compare it to any other one I previously had. all the salted caramel versions don’t quite compare. And yesterday I have bought a vegan peanut butter cookie one and it is also so good. I guess the ice cream season is in full swing now. However I have not had the first store bought one this year yet. Looking forward to that.


April Books – What I read

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I am very excited to share my April Books with you. It has been a really good reading month – quality wise and quantity wise as well. I was able to cross some books off of my reading goals für 2021 and also on my long term project to read around the world. So lets dive into the April Books – What I read: