Baking Gift Swap {Recycle Quick Tip #4}

I am not feeling totally fit yet but I’ve had about enough. That’s what I’ve decided. To be sure I get a slow start. The Wednesday Recycle Quick tips have been well proven so here is another one.

For whatever reason I started to collect those small glass vials where vanilla beans are sold in. I had no clue what for but then I had a sudden inspiration:

p35_recycletip #4_b2

A very good friend of mine has her birthday coming up. She likes baking just as much as I do. So I figured why not make her a little baking kit basket. I love all those trillion fun sprinkles in all colors and shapes. But lets be honest: who needs 50 g of pink sprinkles? They last a lifetime, no? So swap it baby! All my little treasures where filled on the glass vials and handed to my friend instead of flowers.

I am really in love with this baking gift swap idea and it’s probably not the last time I am doing this. And maybe I will get some back. I am currently missing silver and green ones… (Edit: do not miss them anymore. Snatched some silver stars and green crispies the other day.)

Happy sprinkle swapping



5 thoughts on “Baking Gift Swap {Recycle Quick Tip #4}

    1. dann viel Spaß.
      Vor allem hat man jetzt noch n Grund mehr welche zu kaufen.
      Ist quasi Geschenke auf Vorrat. hihi

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