Cocooning in winter time :: BIWYFI #1

Every since I started this blog I tried to improve my photography skills and go on little photo excursions to do so. I decide that I will pick one photo challenge a year and try to stick with it. In my first blogging year it was “Color me Happy” and I managed to submit my humble post every month. Last year I desperately failed with the 12tel Blick Challange or lets say I was not so inspired with my choice of challenge.

So this year I am trying to commit to Nic’s renewed Beauty is where you find it Challenge. I believe for me it’s easier to have a topic I can think of and come up with ideas on how I want to convert it into a photo.

So when I heard January’s topic was cocooning this picture popped up in my head:

Cocooning BIWYFI #1

For me cocooning is always about blankets and wool socks, preferably a fire cracking somewhere or being in a sauna or something like that.

Cocooning BIWYFI #1

Maybe sipping a hot chocolate or some hot apple cider.

Cocooning BIWYFI #1

What is your association when thinking of cocooning?

Happy snuggles,


PS: Thank you to Mr. ♥ for being my foot model.

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