Colorful acorn wreath { advent wreath ideas }

acorn wreath inspiration

I can not believe how time is flying by. Just a few days ago I started thinking about advent and christmas ideas and now looking at my calendar it is only 2 weekends away. Where did the time go? I had so many things planned I wanted to show you. But my life keeps interfering. How mean is that?

I really hope I find some time to at least come up with an unusual advent wreath this year. Otherwise you might think me crazy – gathering all the great ideas and than come up with , huh nothing? No not gonna happen. So here is for you an acorn wreath.

I was inspired by Dana.

acorn wreathMake sure to read Dana’s tutorial AND #2 is a must do.

I used to work at a place where I had to walk nearly 1 km through the forest every morning and night. First I thought I would hate it but it actually became one of my favorite times of the day. Around autumn I stubbled upon a trillion of acorns on the forest floor. I immediately had Dana’s wreath in mind and made my own version.

acorn wreath What I learned on the way:

  • I wrapped my wreath form in brown fabric using an old shirt from Mr. ♥
  • Try to use same size acorns for a more even look.
  • Stock up on glue sticks, you don’t wanna run out in the middle of the project.
  • Really take instructions seriously (#2!!!) I didn’t do it and the year later I wanted to reuse it and it smelled very very moldy. I deodorized it and put it on a radiator and it’s ok now, but better do it right away!
  • The wreath is very heavy. I mean heavy heavy. Don’t underestimate the weight of those acorns.

And here is what I decorated my wreath with. I was aiming for forest cosy velvety feel:

acorn wreathUnfortunately the candles where a bit big but otherwise I really liked my wreath. Others do too and I’m still a bit proud. So what do think? Still having acorns lying around? Let me know how yours turned out.

Bye for now, back with more inspirations,
Love Tobia

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2 thoughts on “Colorful acorn wreath { advent wreath ideas }

  1. wow, what a cool idea! I would like to make one of these, but the idea of walking through the forest in the cold to pick enough acorns doesn’t really seem appealing right now! If I was up for it though, I would love to spray-paint it a funky color! Yours is very pretty, too.

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