Corona Diaries – Week 6


Am I the only one or does it start to all blend together? This week I had for the first time lost a bit of track what kind of day it was and I had to fight a bit for motivation while I had a lot on my to-do-list. Let’s have a look:

Number of days at home?

41 days – as always went grocery shopping once and then had to run to the fabric store to get supplies. High demand of face mask… Mr. 🖤 still hasn’t left the house.

How is the political situation?

Well first bans have been lifted this week. Also announcements were made that playgrounds will reopen end of month. But chancellor Merkel said just because it’s possible we should be doing it all. Some states seem to see it differently.

How is the work situation?

Quiet busy actually. Putting in more hours lately. I am running a series of workshops and have to prepare those. Main problem I am my own worst critic and doubt everything I put on paper. So it takes forever and I surpass my calculated hours.

How is the mood?

Fine. I had one restless day but I used that one to go out for a long walk and to run errands.

Any favorite moments?

  • Sunshine, coffee and balcony
  • Seeing my mom from a far when she hang my Easter gift at the door knob
  • Listening to audiobooks while sewing
  • Realizing that the lilacs are already in bloom

What was the worst moment?

Going grocery shopping and realizing that all hygiene measures that were put in place (limited access of people in store, disinfected carts) were immediately stopped when the ban was loosened. This gives people a wrong impression and I could tell they came closer again.

What is stressful right now?

Preparing workshops. I don’t really enjoy doing them. I have a hard time figuring out what I need to teach as it is all clear for me. And I also don’t want to share all my knowledge – I know lot of people can’t understand that and it might sound egotistical. I just realized it’s true. You might wonder why I do it: a) money coming in and something I am grateful for these days b) stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

Face masks, so many of them. Also repaired some clothing.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

  • Beef strips with green beans and toasted pretzel with potatoes
  • Pesto Pasta
  • His: pizza | hers: asparagus with feta, tomato and pumpkin seeds
  • Grilled cheese
  • Tortellini with tomato sauce
  • Burgers and fries

And so we wrap up week 6 of Corona-stay-at home-what-ever-this-is. How have you been doing? Any struggles? Anything amazing happening?

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Week 6

  1. What a lovely update and summary of your weeks in Coronvirus. It really warmed my heart

    I just stumbled accross your website looking for how to make vegan bath bombs. What a lovely site, beautifuly laid out.

    Take care and stay safe.


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