Corona Diaries – Week 7


Ahhh this week is over. I am glad. Corona week 7 was not something I need again. I struggled for the first time. I have had lots do do but not the right motivation. I wanted to be outdoors and felt cooped up in this huge city. It was a week I wished I lived in a rural area where I could have just roamed free. Let’s have a closer look:

Number of days at home?

48 days – I have to admit I went outside more often. So did Mr. ♡. Monday I went grocery shopping and the husband had meetings and a went to the office. On Wednesday I had a photo shooting with my dad while keeping social distance of course. Then went for a another trip to the grocery store. And on Thursday I had big cabin fever so I had to go for a 70 min walk in the park.

How is the political situation?

I have no overview any longer. When I was in the park people did not practice social distancing. Lots of picnics and beer drinking went on. Also playgrounds were occupied. I foresee another wave of infections.

How is the work situation?

Still busy. Trying to get stuff done. Motivation is ok but could be better. I had an interesting job interview Thursday and I would love to get that project. We’ll see.

How is the mood?

Alright. In all the corona weeks this one was probably the one I struggled the most. I wanted to be outside more. I wanted to be more carefree. I wanted to go get some ice cream.

Any favorite moments?

  • Seeing dad from a far
  • Talks with the neighbors
  • Lots of reading and sewing
  • The smell of blossoms in the spring air during my walk
  • Nice feedback for my workshop I gave

What was the worst moment?

Sitting at home right now when actually I was supposed to meet with family at our annual family reunion.

What is stressful right now?

My self aspiration.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

Working on making a pouff. Wrote a letter.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

  • Asian Take-out
  • German Abendbrot
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with salad and fries
  • his: Pizza | hers: asparagus with feta and tomatoes
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • KFC take-out

And so we can put week 7 of this craziness into the books. How did you manage this week? Any amazing things happened? Or was it a lowlight for you too?

Take care and stay safe


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