Corona Diaries – Week 9&10


Here we are at the time and place where it feels like the pandemic is over while we are actually right in the midst of it. I have to admit I am not immune it it. I have to fight the urge to downplay it, to forget to wash my hands when coming home, to keep my distance because everyone else is being lax about it… And I can feel it in writing about it in the diary. It feels like old news as I have mentioned before – hence the skip last week. But it is still here. And so we, I, continue in documenting this pandemic life. Here it is:

Number of days at home?

69 days – well I am not sure if I can call it days at home. Let’s switch it to “Day since the pandemic started”

How is the political situation?

Pfff… who knows. Honestly I have not been too involved in keeping track. Restaurants are open again. People go there – I don’t. All shops are open. Swimming pools and fitness studios have opened again. Churches hold service again. Only cinemas, nightlife and concerts are still closed.

How is the work situation?

I had to do some math and unfortunately after checking back with my tax guy I have to pay back the financial aid I received from the government. I had some projects paid in March and therefore some income which is now contra-productive… Also all my inquiries didn’t pan out. So we’ll see what the future brings. I am glad money is coming in but I also know it’s just time-displaced for a few months… On the other hand I had a really productive week here and that feels good.

How is the mood?

Pretty good overall. I really can’t complain. Weather is nice so sitting on the balcony becomes a habit again. Windows are open, light is nice.

Any favorite moments?

  • FaceTime call with my friend
  • Call with my mom
  • A little photo walk while the care got serviced
  • Some driving and exploring with the husband

What was the worst moment?

A rather personal experience from back in the day came up and needed my attention for a day.

What is stressful right now?

We are back at the shopping experience. Saturday morning in the grocery store is a nightmare. Do people really don’t have the decency to stay away? Do they need to push your cart around, slip through three people because well the need to get that carrot right now? And do we really hear better when we take of the mask… seriously I just wanted to scream and throw a bomb.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

Wrote 4 letters, mended some garments, practiced some lettering, another bath of face masks for donation, some image editing…

What’s for lunch/dinner?

Eating schedules are a bit off again as the husband is at the office two/three days a week and so its everyone for itself.

  • 2 x grilled cheese sandwiches
  • his: cereal | hers: grilled salmon with rice
  • 2 x his: pizza | hers: asparagus with tomato and feta cheese
  • his: pizza | hers: tomato soup with shrimps
  • his: Döner | her: Turkish pizza
  • Tortellini with cheese sauce
  • her: Quarkkeulchen (very regional dish with dumpling dough and quark, apple sauce, cinnamon – do you want a recipe?)
  • ???

Ten weeks. That is 2,5 months. It is crazy to think it’s been this long. I keep thinking how life would have felt with a pandemic in a different time area. And I come back to the setting of “The pillars of the Earth” We are lucky to life today.

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Week 9&10

  1. What would I give for a Turkish pizza right now :)

    It sounds like people in Germany are ready to go back to normal. I do hope it won’t bite you guys in the ass… they just opened restaurants and shops here in Sac County again, but I am not ready. I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

    1. Yes I hear you. While I totally get that businesses somehow need to make a living too and they sure have suffered I am really not sure if going out is the right thing to do. We are homebodies so we will mostly stay home. Maybe order a bit more takeout again to support.

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