Let’s be honest – we are all binge watching too many tv shows on Netflix and Co. But especially this time of year it is great. Now with Apple also starting it’s own service I am sure I will get stuck in the living room even more. We are currently holding out as I don’t like waiting for the next episode to be released. Too much suspense. I will definitely watch SEE asap though.

But for today I give you an update (list from 2015, list of 2018) on current shows as it’s always fun to keep track.

Shine On by Reese

I just started that one but it is really entertaining and informative. Reese reaches out to women in the entertainment industry that try to change things, fight for rights and equality. The whole show is filled with laughter and genuine interest. Very likable. It’s just 20 min per episode.


Ok, now this one is a bit weird. It’s a reality show where we follow a New Zealand couple who owns and runs a funeral home. Why I like it: for one it is always interesting to me how other cultures burial traditions are. Also it’s an industry that is doing so much but you never really have a look at in your life. I really like how it shows that for people working in this industry it also is a job and that there are office fights and things like that while on the other hand being very caring and professional as soon as a client walks in. I am impressed how graceful the show is. You will never see an entire body – sometimes they show body parts though but never a face.

Gilmore Girls

Do I need to say more? I just rewatched the entire show, crossed off #42 and I am still in love. However it’s interesting to see what 10 years ago was ok and how much has changed. I believe in todays world it would not be ok to use that many disposable coffee cups. Also it is funny to see those old mobile phones. Man the world does change fast.


A cooking competition show where four candidates cook against a chefs line of an Australian restaurant. I like that every week it’s another cuisine and its fun to see the national dishes and their interpretation. Only downside is you are quite hungry when done.

Chicago Fire

Loving this one as it allows a peek behind the scenes of how a fire house is run. Of course paired with all the drama and romance and career struggles. Unfortunately I have to wait for the next season to be released. Also it’s a franchise including Chicago Med and Chicago PD. The stories intertwine at certain points between those law enforcement sectors but it’s still stand alone.


An FBI show with a bit of mystery. I do love those kinda shows where in every episode there is a new case to crack. However I have to admit that last season was not too good and season 4 has not quite gripped me yet. We’ll see how that goes.

I used to try keeping track of all my shows by updating this list here. But it wasn’t really efficient. So I am glad Mr. ♡ has found the TV Time App. Here it’s easy to track the shows, get info about new releases and also note your feelings. And the comments are often quite hilarious. And just recently movies have been added to the app. I don’t know how many times I said to Mr. ♡:” let’s watch this movie” and he had to reply: “we already seen that one.” Man, my brain is a sieve…

Do you watch a lot of tv? And do you like to keep track or is it too much waste of time for you? And then what shows can you recommend to watch next?

Happy bing-watching


Disclaimer: This post contains links to companies. Due to current (German) law this needs to be labelled advertising. However I was not paid to talk about them.

2 thoughts on “CURRENT TV SHOWS I AM WATCHING – 2019 Edition

  1. I think I am the exception to the rule, because I don’t binge watch anything on Netflix. I occasionally put on an episode or two of Friends and sometimes we pick a movie, but we haven’t gotten into any of the shows.
    The only show on your list that I know is Gilmore Girls. LOL

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