July Reflections and August Intentions

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No matter how we live our lives the time keeps flying by. It truly is remarkable how time can be experienced so differently. Isn’t it? Some days hours drag on and then, just like that you turn your calendar page to next month. Thank you for joining me in July Reflections and August Intentions. I know time is precious.

But before I dive into that here is my favorite quote this month.

You can change your future in just one moment. NOW!

Max Thinius, Futuroligist

JULY Reflections

Reflecting on my set intentions.

  • I will take better care of my energy levels and incorporate breaks and quiet time.
    I think I did rather good here. First week of July I took a week of to spend in the country with my best friend and her kids. Then a few slower days during my work weeks as I felt migraines creep up or when my energy levels dropped so bad I almost fell asleep standing. A few naps have been sneezed in. That did feel great.
  • I will walk more than 10.000 steps on at least six days in July.
    Uups forgot about this intention but let’s see where I landed: nine whole days. Yeah me.
  • I will read one 500+ page book for #dickesbüchercamp run by Nordbreze.
    Didn’t do it. I started a book with 570 pages but stopped around 30% percent. It just didn’t interest me very much. I could have finished it but my time is too valuable to spend with mediocre books. So I started a new one “Priority of the Orange Tree” with 848 pages. As of now (17% in) it’s a bit slow so I hope it will get more exciting.
  • I will do a breezing meditation before falling asleep.
    Didn’t happen. Totally forgot I put that on the list.
  • I will work on my listening skills when in conversations.
    Mhm… It is so hard for me to know if I am improving here. I want to believe I do but then there are always moments where I just keep on talking.
  • I will leave my comfort zone and sit at the beach in swim wear.
    I can proudly say I was at the lake, in a swimming suit, sitting a bit and even going for a swim. I wasn’t jumping around so everyone could see see but I didn’t just take of my clothe to get I the water either. So it’s a win for me.
  • I will spend a wonderful week with my best friend and her kids in our country home.
    Yes Yes Yes. It was wonderful and so great we got to talk so much. And I still feel there is so much more I haven’t discussed with her. Best thing ever. I also got to spend more time with my godchild and see him for a longer stretch of time which is rather interesting to observe.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE?

This one is always the hardest to reflect. But here it is:

  • I allowed myself to take naps when I felt very low on energy and often it helped me battle an oncoming migraine.
  • I started to take better care of my health by working on a lifestyle change. Ok, I put it out here.
  • I sat on the beach in a swimsuit.
  • I sewed myself some shorts and wore them in public.
  • I donated money to the flood victims.
  • I took care of my parents plants when they were on vacation.
  • I made time to comment on social media and blogs.
  • I visited my grandparents grave a few times.
  • I saved a grasshopper who made it somehow into the apartment 4 stories high.
  • I spend 20 minutes waiting out a rain storm and looked the drops fall down instead of staring at my phone.

AUGUST Intentions

Sunday morning August 1. Best time to set some intentions for the coming month. What will I do, what will I want to work on, what will have to leave the to-do list. Let’s go:

  • I will continue my Spanish learning streak of 84 days and finish level 2 in my app.
  • I will continue to do 3 trainings with at least 15 minutes every week.
  • I will cook two new recipes from this new cookbook.
  • I will take my breathing exercise in the morning more seriously.
  • I will spend a two week vacation with Mr. ♡ hopefully by the coast.
  • I will look for a good moment to do some of the self-confidence exercises I have collected.
  • I will order my reading chair and put a few more things for sale online to make space.
  • I will call the customer service and inquire if my food processor is repairable.

As always I am wondering what your intentions for August will be. Love hearing more in the comments.

Enjoy your August


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