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Do you think your life is the same old same old? Specially now with the pandemic and nothing new happening? I personally believe life happens exactly in those routine days. The days that feel normal. I am not saying I like it when everything is always the same. But I do say that those random days are probably the majority of the life I life and you probably too. So I really enjoy recording an every day life on a random day in 2021 and then look back in a couple of years realizing what has changed. Because change always happen. Todays post documents my life on November 15th 2021. Enjoy following along.

6.50 am – waking up because of back pains. A little earlier than I wanted. Trying to go back to sleep is failing and so I take my kindle and start reading “Pachinko” in the warmth of my bed.

7.30 am – ok, lets get this day started. Getting up, going to the kitchen. Starting the coffee machine. While it heats up I usually empty the dishwasher. This morning though I didn’t need to as it was full last night. Just putting a few things away.

7.50 am – after a quick breath on the balcony I snuggle up on the couch with my coffee. I start scrolling Instagram and Co.

8.10 am – Enough scrolling time for my serious book I read in the morning. Currently a book about creativity and how to add it into the every day life. Its really good. Ill write more about it soon.

8.30 am – Mr. ♡ just got done in the bathroom so I head in and get ready for the day. I don’t need long.

8.45 am – dressed and ready for the day. I have 15 more minutes before work starts so I practice my Spanish with the Duoling app.

9.00 am – Work day starts. Always with lighting a candle. I have enough time to check mails and the daily press clipping for one of my clients before we start with the daily meeting at 9.10 am. After that I am publishing the daily social media post and after that I am doing some content creation. Another call with a co-worker.

11.00 am – unusual stop off the work day. I have breakfast and while doing so looking in my grandma’s old recipe books for her famous “Christstollen”. I discover the recipe and am more than happy it still exists.

breakfast spread with recipe books by my grandma EVERY DAY LIFE ON A RANDOM DAY

11.30 am – I decided to head out today to run some errands. The Covid number indicate, that we are going back to some sort of lock-down and so I figured I get some things early in the day when there are no crowds in the mall. I grab my bike and head for the Mall at Alexanderplatz. I need to get shoeboxes for my volunteer work, also a little something for my Secret Santa Mug Swap partner. I ended up browsing the bookstore for most of the time. Upps. But I did get 3 Christmas presents so all good.

1.30 pm – back home. I move the robot vacuum who worked while I was gone to the next room. Then its back to the desk. I continue my content creation work. Unfortunately the systems are very slow today. I need to create a tone of videos for a year review and rendering and uploading takes forever. Also the mail system is down.

4.00 pm – I decide I need a break and its kind of a waste of time sitting at the laptop watching the upload bar. Also I am hunger. I head to the kitchen and make some lunch/dinner. I need to eat all the things that are expired and close to so its a left-over improv meal. Spätzle with ground beef sauce.

4.20 pm – I sit down in front of the tv turn on a hallmark show and eat. When I am done I work on some crafts I hopefully can show before the month is over. I also start covering the gathered shoe boxes in nice papers.

6.00 pm – Back to the desk. On my way I to my “office” I throw in a load of laundry. I finish the 3 videos for my client. I then finish up a website for another client. The only thing left on my to-do list is a bit of community management but I will (maybe) do that later from the couch.

7.30 pm – I type up a bit of this blogpost before I forget what happened while sipping my favorite winter drink.

7.45 pm– the husband calls and lets me know he is on his way home. Rather early – throws me off a bit but I am happy we can spend the evening together.

7.50 pm – I decide to jump in the shower quickly. When I come out I fold a bit of laundry.

8.15 pm – the husband is home. I get back to the laptop and do a few blog things, book things, researches and stuff.

8.45 pm – I head to the living room where Mr. ♡ and I browse the apartment listings. Nothing fun.

10.15 pm – typing up the last part of this post

10.45 pm – Getting ready for bed. Mainly brushing teeth and getting my hot water bottle.

11.00 pm – tugged in bed. Writing my journal.

11.20 pm – lights out and good night after I read a few more pages. I usually fall asleep within seconds. Tonight I have trouble and can’t find peace of mind. It’s going to be a tough night

This was every day life on a random day in 2021. It actually looked a lot like a day pre-covid. The husband was at work. My eating schedule was like it used to be because it fit my biorhythm. I had a long lunch break to go outside. I liked it. I could have worked more. But then my goal is to work 6 hours a day and that is what I did today. And I got other tings done.

I thought I had written about an average day in the last years too but apparently I only documented it in 2015, 2016 and 2017. I am glad I sat down and wrote everything down today. I could have taken a few more pictures though.

No before you leave let me know one thing you find surprising in my daily schedule. And then go and write a post yourself.

Happy Wednesday


6 thoughts on “EVERY DAY LIFE ON A RANDOM DAY in 2021

  1. Maybe not “surprising” but I love that you use a hot water bottle. My Mom always uses one each night. I often use “Magic Bags” which you can heat up in the microwave – I actually have one on my feet right now – but have been trying REALLY hard to take a hot shower before bed every night and that has been a great addition to my daily routine as I tend to always feel cold and this way I hop into bed cozy and stay warm all night!
    Elisabeth recently posted…Life Lessons from the Hill – In Praise of CoastingMy Profile

    1. Ha my hot water bottle and I have special relationship. I do have one of those magic bags too but no microwave. You could heat it up in an oven but I always feel it is too much energy to heat up. Maybe when we have pizza at night I should give it a try and just pop it in after when the oven cools down. The shower tip is a good one. I might have to try it. But I never blow dry my hair and then I hate getting to bed with wet hair.

  2. Actually I found this whole post fascinating. I love “day in the life” posts- everyone’s lives are so different! I’m definitely envious of the amount of freedom you have during the day- you can take a long lunch break and then work in the evening. I guess the one “surprising” thing is that you feel you might be going back into a lockdown- things are so different here. Everything is opened up, and people are starting to behave “normally.”
    I’ll be interested to hear about the book you’re reading, and see some of your craft projects!

    1. I know I have a very flexible life and I am very happy I do. This is probably the main thing for me being a freelancer. I used to have a lot of issues with being somewhere on time but always having issues with migraines. Being able to coordinate work and live towards what I need in the moment is such a luxury.
      The Covid numbers here in Germany are so very high currently that it is surprising we had lockdowns with less numbers. Not sure what will happen since we have a new government and they just ended the pandemic emergency act (not sure that is the right translation though). We’ll see

  3. That was fun. I always love getting a glimpse into people’s daily. First thing I noticed: there is no “eat dinner with my husband” entry. Do you not eat dinner together? Do you not eat dinner at all?
    You have a lot of moving pieces during your day and a lot of “little routines”. I love that.
    San recently posted…17: What I bought at Trader Joe’s Vol. 13My Profile

    1. Thank you. I would love to eat dinner with him and I am actually trying to make it a priority. However if I do have dinner very late which I don’t really like. So now when he is in the office I eat more to my timing. He usually eats warm at lunch and doesn’t want to have warm dinner anyways. However on this particular day he was having dinner while we looked at the apartment listings. On other days I might have a snack too. I guess I could have been a bit clearer.
      I do love little routines that is true

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